Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The Lobdell Line

I have relied on the book Simon Lobdell -- 1646 of Milford Connecticut and his descendants by Julia Ardelia Harrison Lobdell as a source for my understanding of my Lobdell ancestors.  My fifth great-grandmother Annis (perhaps Eunice) Lobdell married Moses Jennings circa 1796 based on the age of their oldest child, Annis.  I am descended from them through their daughter, Sally Jennings.

Annis Lobdell Jennings was the daughter of Burwell and Anne (St. John) Lobdell. Burwell was born February 24, 1749 in Ridgefield, Fairfield, Connecticut. Burwell and Anne married at the Wilton Congregational Church in Wilton, Connecticut on March 9, 1772.  They resided in Wilton where Burwell died in 1814.

Burwell Lobdell, my sixth great-grandfather, was one of fourteen children of Ebenezer and Rebecca (Benedict) Lobdell.  Ebenezer Lobdell was born February 24, 1707 and baptized in Milford, Connecticut. Ebenezer and Rebecca married December 28, 1732.  They resided in Ridgefield, Connecticut where Ebenezer died in 1801.

Ebenezer Lobdell, my seventh great-grandfather, was one of six children of Joshua and Mary (Burwell) Lobdell.  Joshua Lobdell was born December 23, 1671 in Springfield, Massachusetts to Simon and Persis (Pierce) Lobdell.  He died in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Joshua Lobdell, my eighth great-grandfather, was the son of Simon and Persis (Pierce) Lobdell.  Simon Lobdell, an early settler of Milford, Connecticut, was the immigrant ancestor arriving in Boston in 1645.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Extending the Clapp line

Wait Clapp, my eighth great-grandmother, was the daughter of Preserved Clapp and Sarah Newberry.  Born November 18, 1670 in Northampton, Massachusetts, Wait married John Taylor in 1690. Together they had ten children, five while they were living in Northampton and five after moving to Norwalk, Connecticut.  She died in Norwalk on January 29, 1721 and is buried at Kings Highway Cemetery in Westport, Connecticut.  I am descended through their son, Reuben Taylor.

Preserved Clapp, my ninth great-grandfather, was the son of Roger Clapp and Joanna Ford.  He was born November 23, 1643 in Dorchester, Massachusetts and married Sarah Newberry, daughter of Benjamin Newberry and Mary Allyn, on June 4, 1668 in Northampton, Massachusetts.  Together they had eight children. Sarah died October 3, 1716 and Preserved died four years later on September 22, 1720.  They are buried at Bridge Street Cemetery in Northampton.

Roger Clapp, my tenth great-grandfather was born April 6, 1609 in Salcombe Regis, Devonshire, England and was a passenger on the Mary and John in 1630.  He was one of the first settlers of Dorchester, Massachusetts arriving there June 17, 1630.  He married Joanna Ford, daughter of Thomas Ford (also passengers on the Mary and John), November 16, 1633.  They had fourteen children. His many accomplishments are detailed in the book The Clapp Memorial Record of the Clapp Family of America.

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Monday, August 8, 2016

Extending the Taylor line

Reuben Taylor (1703 - 1752), my seventh great-grandfather who married Eunice Couch, descended from:

  • John Taylor (10 October 1667 - 18 November 1744) who married Wait Clapp (18 November 1670 - 29 January 1721), daughter of Preserved Clapp and Sarah Newberry, was the third child of....
  • John Taylor (1641 - 13 May 1704) who married Thankful Woodward (born 1646), daughter of Henry and Elizabeth Woodward, was the child of....
  • John Taylor (died 1646) who married Rhoda Tinker (1611 - 1698), immigrant ancestors

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