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Nathan Bates and Ruth Taylor

Nathan Bates and Ruth Taylor are my fifth great-grandparents.

Nathan Bates was born January 14, 1772 in Redding, Connecticut to John and Esther (Banks) Bates.  Nathan is named in his father's will of June 29, 1778.  I have calculated Nathan's date of birth from the information on his gravestone which gives his date of death as June 25, 1855, age 83 years, 5 month, 11 days.  According to Commemorative Biographical Record of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Nathan was a carpenter.  

Ruth Taylor was born January 19, 1776 in Redding to Preserved and Ruth (Hanford) Taylor. Ruth is mentioned in her father's probate papers as the wife of Nathan Bates.  She inherited property in the Picketts Ridge section of Redding from the estate of her father.  I have calculated Ruth's date of birth from the information on her gravestone which gives her date of death as August 19, 1849, age 73 years, 7 months.

Nathan and Ruth had seven children, two girls and five boys, after marrying about 1794.  Although they owned property in Redding, they are found in the U.S. census records in Danbury from 1800 through 1840.  After Ruth died in 1849, Nathan is found still in Danbury living with his grandson Burr Partrick and Burr's family.  (Burr's mother, Clarissa, is my fourth great-grandmother.) The neighboring families in the 1850 census are the same as those in the 1840 census, so it seems that Burr was living on what was Nathan's property. I have not checked land records in Danbury to see what happened to that tract of land.

Nathan and Ruth Bates are buried in Lower Starrs Plain Cemetery in Danbury. Photos of their graves can be seen on Find A Grave -- Nathan here and Ruth here.

Children of Nathan and Ruth (Taylor) Bates:
  • Hanford Bates, b. 7 May 1795, d. 7 March 1867
  • Clarissa Bates, b. 11 January 1799, d. 26 April 1860
  • Alson Bates, b. 24 January 1802, d. 9 June 1882
  • Stephen Bates, b. 25 May 1810, d. 28 January 1890
  • Lydia Bates, b. 5 November 1814, d. 3 May 1865
  • George Bates
  • Taylor Bates, b. 30 March 1816, d. 19 July 1895
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