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Lorenzo Dow Olmstead and Julia Ann Lee

Lorenzo Dow Olmstead, my fourth great-grandfather, was born February 29, 1808, the oldest child of Alden and Sarah Wilson Olmstead.  He married Julia Ann Lee on December 5, 1829 in Farmers Mills, Putnam, New York.  They were married in the Baptist Church by Reverend N. Robinson. Julia was born ca 1812 in Dutchess County, New York to Obadiah and Rebecca (Austin) Lee.

According to his obituary, Lorenzo was a cattle dealer, buying and auctioning them off.  He was elected to a number of offices such as tax collector and constable, and he was a member of the Methodist Episcopal Church. He was living in Wilton, Connecticut by about 1843 where he stayed until some time between 1860 and 1870.  By 1870 he was living in Ridgefield, Connecticut and he was in Weston, Connecticut by 1880.

Lorenzo signed a will July 7, 1887 shortly after Julia died on June 17 of that year.  He died at his home in Norwalk, Connecticut on August 17, 1895.  He was buried on August 19, 1895.

Both Lorenzo and Julia Olmstead are buried
at Hillside Cemetery in Wilton.

Children of Lorenzo Dow Olmstead and Julia Ann Lee Olmstead:
  1. Charles Olmstead, b. November 15, 1830, d. May 17, 1833
  2. Artemesia Olmstead, b. March 30, 1834, NY, d. August 4, 1864, CT; m. Samuel Middlebrook
  3. Emily Olmstead, b. February 22, 1837, NY, d. February 14, 1911, CT; m. (1) James Monroe Middlebrook (brother of Samuel Middlebrook) (2) John E. Morris
  4. Stephen Decatur Olmstead, b. August 12, 1839, NY, d. August 22, 1883, m. Martha Morenus
  5. Sarah Jane "Jennie" Olmstead, b. June 23, 1841, CT, m. Seth Francis Mills
  6. Lorenzo Vail Olmstead, b. February 1, 1848, CT, d. June 8, 1924, CT; m. (1) Lavinia Bennett, (2) Hilda Smith Stearns
  7. Mary Faustina Olmstead, b. June 11, 1854, d. November 23, 1861, CT
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