Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas, cousins!

Wishing my cousins a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!

Deliverance Bennett and Mary Bigg

Deliverance Bennett, my eighth great-grandfather, was the oldest child of Thomas and Sarah (Hubbard) Bennett.  If calculated by the inscription on his gravestone his birth date is January 5, 1689.  However, according to History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield by Donald Lines Jacobus he was born December 25, 1688.  I need to do some additional research into his date of birth.

Born in Connecticut, Deliverance was baptized March 31, 1695 in the Fairfield Church, Fairfield, Connecticut along with his siblings Thomas, Sarah and Tabitha.  He married Mary Bigg on March 15, 1708 in Fairfield.  Mary was born in October of 1688.  I have not determined who her parents were.

On August 29, 1759 Deliverance signed a will in Fairfield in which he named his wife and seven children.  His sons William and Moses were named executors.

Deliverance and Mary died within days of one another in 1761.  He on April 18 and she on April 14.  Their daughter Sarah (Bennett) Allen also died on April 18, 1761, and I wonder about what illness they perhaps shared that caused their deaths.  Deliverance and Mary Bennett are buried in Colonial Cemetery (also known as Lower Greens Farm Cemetery) in Westport, Connecticut.

Children of Deliverance and Mary (Bigg) Bennett:
  1. William Bennett, born January 8, 1708, died September 16, 1772; married Abigail Hickok
  2. Daniel Bennet, born November 11, 1711; married Sarah Trowbridge
  3. Sarah Bennett, born April 8, 1716, died April 18, 1761; married John Allen
  4. Eunice Bennett, born October 24, 1718; married Stephen Gray
  5. Benjamin Bennett, born July 2, 1721, died 1760; married Mary Lobdell
  6. Samuel Bennett, born August 24, 1723; married Abigail Sherwood
  7. Moses Bennett, born April 8, 1727
  8. Rachel Bennett, born October 11, 1729; married Eleazer Godfrey
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Joshua Lobdell (born 1671)

Joshua Lobdell, my eighth great-grandfather, was born December 23, 1671 in Springfield, Massachusetts to Simon and Persis (Pierce) Lobdell.

He married twice. His first wife, Mary Burwell, is my eighth great-grandmother whom he married August 11, 1695 in Milford, Connecticut.  Mary Burwell was the daughter of John and Alice Burwell. Together, Joshua and Mary had six children.  He married second Eunice Olmstead, daughter of John Olmstead and Mary Benedict Olmstead in 1713 in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  Eunice Olmstead is my eighth great-aunt.  Joshua and Eunice had 7 children together, all born in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Children of Joshua Lobdell and Mary Burwell Lobdell:

  1. Samuel Lobdell, born February 2, 1699; married Rebecca St. John
  2. Sarah Lobdell, born February 1, 1702; died young
  3. Joshua Lobdell, born March 16, 1703; married Mary Reynolds
  4. Mary Lobdell, born October 30, 1704; married Samuel Plum
  5. Ebenezer Lobdell, born February 24, 1707; married Rebecca Benedict; died 1801
  6. Susannah Lobdell, born February 27, 1709; married Seaborn Burt; died 1803
Children of Joshua Lobdell and Eunice Olmstead:

  1. Sarah Lobdell, born September 27, 1714; married Jabez Northrup
  2. Caleb Lobdell, born February 1, 1716
  3. John Lobdell, born August 21, 1721; married Ruth Sherwood
  4. Darius Lobdell, born October 18, 1729; married Mary Baldwin
  5. Elizabeth Lobdell, born November 14, 1732; married Isaac Northrup
  6. Simon Lobdell, born 1739
  7. David Lobdell, born ca 1739, married Phoebe Burt
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Monday, December 7, 2015

December birthdays

My direct line ancestors who have a birthday in December are:

  • Elsie Beers, born December 1, 1898, my grandmother
  • Joshua Lobdell, born December 23, 1671, my eighth great-grandfather
  • Henry Karns, born December 23, 1786, my third great-grandfather
  • James Hanlin, born December 24, 1798, my great-great-grandfather
  • Deliverance Bennett, born December 25, 1688, my eighth great-grandfather
  • Sarah Hide, born December 25, 1703, my seventh great-grandmother
  • John Peter Bitner, born December 26, 1776, my fourth great-grandfather