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Jonathan Fanton (1700 - 1738) and Sarah Hide

Jonathan Fanton, my seventh great-grandfather, was baptized September 22, 1700 in Fairfield, Connecticut.  He was the fourth child and oldest son of Jonathan Fanton and Sarah Hide.

Jonathan also married a Sarah Hide, his first cousin.  Sarah Hide was born December 25, 1703 in Fairfield to John Hide and Rachel Rumsey. She was baptized April 16, 1704.  Jonathan's mother, Sarah, and Sarah's father, John, were the children of John Hide and Elizabeth Harvey.

My seventh great-grandparents had seven children together.

  • Their oldest child, Ezra, was born about 1726 and died in 1762.  
  • Mary Fanton, my sixth great-grandmother, was born about 1728 and married Ephraim Beers on December 24, 1745 in Fairfield.  She died about 1813.
  • Zebulon Fanton was born about 1729 and married Grace Goodsell on March 27, 1804 before his death in Weston in 1807.
  • Eunice Fanton married Nehemiah Beers on June 27, 1753.
  • Gershom Fanton married Anna Sturges, January 18, 1759 and died December 6, 1810.
  • Sarah Fanton married John Sturges and then (2) on November 4, 1781, Ebenezer Redfield.
  • Ellen Fanton, who died about 1804.

Jonathan Fanton died in 1738 and Sarah at a later date.

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