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John Peter Bitner (1776 - 1852) and Anna Maria Mathews (1783 - 1850)

John Peter Bitner was born December 26, 1776 in Brothersvalley Township in present day Somerset County, Pennsylvania to Phillip Bitner and Juliana Philippina.  Their eldest son, he was baptized on October 15, 1777 in the Berlin Union Lutheran Reformed Church.  It appears that he was a life long Lutheran as he appears on the records of St. James Lutheran Church in Ligonier as a communicant in 1851, shortly before he died.

My fourth great-grandfather married Anna Maria Mathews, born September 11, 1783 to Johann George Mathews and Maria Barbara Ambrose, probably in 1801 or 1802.  Their first child, Sarah Bitner, was born in May, 1803.

Anna Maria Bitner died in 1850, predeceasing her husband who died in April 1852 in Donegal Township.

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