Monday, September 28, 2015

Sarah Monroe Middlebrook (1793 - 1837)

Sarah "Sally" Monroe, my fourth great-grandmother, was born about 1793 to Joseph and Rebecca Gilbert Monroe.  She married Charles Ohara Middlebrook in 1820 at Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut at the age of 27.  Before she married Charles Middlebrook she had a daughter, Jane, who is named in Charles' will as "Jane Monroe, a daughter of my wife Sally".  I have not found a marriage for Sally prior to her marriage to Charles.

Sarah joined the Wilton Congregational Church in Wilton, Connecticut in 1836 according to church records.  On July 8, 1837 she signed a will in which she named her daughter Jane, married to James H. Smith, sons Samuel, Charles, James Munroe, and daughters Mary Hoyt and Sarah.  The will was proved August 26, 1837.  Sarah died August 22, 1837 at the age of 44 and is buried at Hillside Cemetery in Wilton. Click here to see a photo of her gravestone in her FindAGrave memorial page.

The children of Charles Ohara Middlebrook and Sarah Monroe are:
  1. Mary Hoyt Middlebrook, b. 8 Sep 1921, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 12 Dec 1905, Palmyra, Wayne, New York; m. Henry S. Flower, 1841.
  2. Samuel Middlebrook, b. 24 Oct 1822, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 10 Mar 1908, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. Artemesia Olmstead.
  3. Charles Middlebrook, b. 18 Jun 1824, Connecticut; d. 13 Jan 1888, Brooklyn, Kings, New York; m. Ellen Murphy, 10 May 1871.
  4. James Monroe Middlebrook, b. 22 Jan 1826, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 20 Jun 1866, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. Emily Olmstead, 1 Jan 1856.
  5. Sarah Middlebrook, b. 28 Feb 1830, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 15 Oct 1899, Palmyra, Wayne, New York; m. Orsamus T. Sexton.
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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rachel Squires Beers (1811 - 1872)

Rachel Squires, my fourth great-grandmother, was born in Connecticut on October 21, 1811 to Samuel and Abigail (Platt) Squires.  Around 1836 she married Anson Beers.  She was stepping into a busy household as Anson had five children, ages 10 and under, from his first marriage to Mary Ann Weeks who died in 1835.

Rachel and Anson went on to have four more children of their own before Anson died in 1850, just four years after their youngest was born.  By 1860, Rachel was living in the household of her daughter Abigail with Abigail's husband, William Williams, and son, Frank.  By 1870, Rachel was living with her son, William, William's wife, Cornelia, and son, Arthur.

Rachel died on August 1, 1872 at the age of 60.  She was buried at Coley Cemetery in Weston, Connecticut.

Children of Anson Beers and Abigail Squires:

  1. James Merwin Beers, b. 12 Apr 1837, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 2 May 1915, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. Mary Jane Squires, 4 Sep 1859, Redding, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  2. Abigail Jane Beers, b. 27 Jun 1840, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 10 Aug 1921, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. William Williams, 31 Dec 1856, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  3. William Platt Beers, b. 11 Nov 1843, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 5 Jul 1911, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. Cornelia Brown, 5 Feb 1867, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  4. Samuel B. Beers, b. 4 Aug 1846; d. 23 Sep 1855, Connecticut.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

September birthdays

My direct line ancestors who have a birthday in September include:

  • Thomas Griffith, born September 1, 1767, my third great-grandfather
  • Catharine Leibensperger, born September 1, 1751, my fourth great-grandmother
  • Philip Henry Harman, September 6, 1769, my fourth great-grandfather
  • Jesse Morehouse, born September 7, 1750, my sixth great-grandfather
  • Josiah Bennett, born September 8, 1768, my fifth great-grandfather
  • Samuel Middlebrook, born September 11, 1743, my fifth great-grandfather
  • Anna Maria Mathews, born September 11, 1783, my fourth great-grandmother
  • Polly Bennett, born September 12, 1804, my fourth great-grandfather
  • Silas Partrick, born September 20, 1799, my fourth great-grandfather
  • Aaron Osborn, born September 29, 1735, my sixth great-grandfather

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