Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mary Ann (Weeks) Beers (1794 - 1835)

Mary Ann Weeks, my fourth great-grandmother, was born in 1794 as calculated by her cemetery inscription.  According to her son's (Edwin) death certificate, she was born in Southport, Connecticut.  Mary Ann was the daughter of Wright and Mary (Perry) Weeks.  She was baptized February 7, 1796 in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Around 1823 she married Anson Beers based on the birth date of their oldest child, Edwin.  They lived in Weston, Connecticut until her death on February 1, 1835, perhaps during childbirth.  She is buried in Coley Cemetery in Weston according to Hale Cemetery Inscriptions but I have not been able to find her tombstone.

After her death Anson remarried and had four more children with Rachel Squires.

I am descended from Anson and Mary Ann through their son Edwin as well as from Anson and Rachel through their daughter Abigail.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Clarissa Bates Partrick (1799 - 1860)

Clarissa Bates, my fourth great-grandmother, was born January 11, 1799 in Connecticut.  I have calculated her date of birth from cemetery records.  I believe that her parents were Nathan and Ruth (Taylor) Bates.  In 1850 Nathan Bates was living with Clarissa's son, Burr, and Burr's family in Danbury, Connecticut.  I have not yet located probate records for Nathan that might specifically name Clarissa and link the two.  Nor have I found a record of her birth.  If any cousins out there have some information to definitively connect Clarissa to Nathan and Ruth Bates (or disprove my supposition), I would appreciate you sharing with me.

Clarissa married Silas Partrick when she was about 20 years old based on the date of birth of their oldest child, Burr.  She and Silas had three sons - Burr, John, and Edwin.

She died April 26, 1860 in Wilton, Connecticut.  She is buried at Zion's Hill Cemetery in Wilton next to Silas.

Clarissa Bates Partrick
Zion's Hill Cemetery
Wilton, Connecticut

Monday, August 17, 2015

Silas Partrick (1799 - 1880)

Silas Partrick, my fourth great-grandfather, was born September 20, 1799 in Connecticut to Halsey Partrick and Phebe Lockwood Partrick.  I have calculated his birth date from the information about his date of death and age as listed in the Birth, Marriage, Death Index 1867 - 1880 for the Town of Wilton, Connecticut.  Silas married Clarissa Bates around 1820 based on the date of birth of their oldest child.

Silas worked as a shoemaker and was a resident of Wilton, Connecticut.  After Clarissa died in 1860, Silas, his son Burr, and Burr's family lived together in Wilton.

Silas died October 20, 1880 from dropsy and heart disease according to Wilton town records.  He is buried in Zion's Hill Cemetery next to Clarissa.  Silas died intestate according to (Norwalk) Connecticut probate records.  Aaron M. Reed was appointed administrator of Silas' estate on November 24, 1880.

Zion's Hill Cemetery
Wilton, Connecticut

Children of Silas and Clarissa (Bates) Partrick:
  1. Burr Partrick, born April 1820, Wilton, Connecticut; married 1842, Eliza Ann Jennings; died 1904, Wilton, Connecticut
  2. John Partrick, born 1822, Wilton, Connecticut; married July 3, 1843, Eleanor C. Whitehead;  died February 21, 1860, Wilton, Connecticut
  3. Edwin Partrick, born 1838, prob. Wilton, Connecticut