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Alexander Hanlin (1760 - 1841)

The origins of Alexander Hanlin, my third great-grandfather, still remain a mystery to me.  He was born  May 10, 1760 based on a calculation of his birth date from cemetery records.  I do not know who his parents were.  It appears that he was naturalized in November 1808 and according to the naturalization index he was born in Ireland.  I am now in the process of trying to obtain a copy of his naturalization papers.

Alexander Handline is listed in the 1796 Quemahoning Township Taxables rolls which would put him in Somerset County, Pennsylvania where he lived the rest of his life.  In 1800 he is listed in the U.S. census in Quemahoning.  On September 20, 1805, he applied, with Nathan Vickroy, for a land warrant survey of 250 acres in Quemahoning. Then in 1815 he applied for a land warrant for 7 1/2 acres adjoining his current acreage.  He is found in the 1810 census in Quemahoning and the 1820, 1830 and 1840 census in Jenner, Somerset County which is on the western border of Quemahoning.

In the each census I consulted there is a female listed who would be of the right age for Alexander's wife, but I do not know her name.  When Alexander wrote his will on July 5, 1840 he did not reference a wife.  Did she die between June 1, the enumeration date for the 1840 census, and July 5?  Did her death cause him to write a will then when he hadn't before?

Alexander Hanlin died December 17, 1841, presumably in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  His son, James, was named executor of the will but James died May 15, 1842.  After James' death, Henry Howard, the husband of Alexander's daughter, Margaret, was named executor.  It is in the will that all of the children are named.

Alexander Hanlin is buried in Jenner Township Baptist Church Cemetery, Jenner, Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Children of Alexander Hanlin:

  • John Hanlin
  • James Hanlin, b. December 24, 1798, m. Margaret Griffith, d. May 15, 1842
  • Alexander Hanlin, b. ca 1803, m. Margaret Griss
  • Margaret Hanlin, b. 1786, m. Henry Howard
  • Jane Hanlin, m. ____ Cooper
  • Mary Hanlin, m. ____ Mattin
  • Elisabeth Hanlin
  • Ellenor Hanlin, m. ____ Thomas
  • Rachel Hanlin, m. ____Thomas
  • Marge Hanlin, m. Richard Sanders

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