Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Samuel Middlebrook and Artemesia Olmstead

My third great-grandfather, Samuel Middlebrook, was born October 24, 1822 to Charles Ohara Middlebrook and Sarah Monroe.  He was a life long resident of Wilton, Connecticut except for a few years when he was a purser of one of the first steamboats on the Hudson River, according to his obituary.  Artemesia Olmstead was born March 30, 1834 to Lorenzo Dow Olmstead and Julia Ann Lee.  Her father was from Wilton, but she was born in New York State. Her family moved to Wilton around 1843.

In 1850 Samuel was a farmer in Wilton, not yet married.  Living in his household were Polly Williams, my 4th great-grandmother, and her son Hawley.  I have not yet teased out how the families were connected at that time.

Samuel and Artemesia probably married in 1851 as their first child was born in 1852.  Artemesia's sister, Emily, married Samuel's brother, James in 1856, so the two Middlebrook and Olmstead families were closely tied.

Together, Samuel and Artemesia had four children.  She died August 4, 1864 in Wilton, a little more than a year after the fourth child was born.  Samuel did not remarry but remained in Wilton as a farmer raising their children.  In 1870, Emily Olmstead Middlebrook, a widow since 1866, was living next to Samuel.  Perhaps she helped raise Artemesia's children during that time. In 1880, Samuel's son Charles and Charles' family were living with him.  In 1900, his son Samuel and Samuel's family were living with him.

Samuel Middlebrook died at home in March, 1908 following an illness.  His tombstone lists his date of death as March 16, 1908, and the date as calculated from his obituary suggests March 16th.  However, the date of death in the Wilton Vital Records is March 10, 1908.

Hillside Cemetery
Wilton, Connecticut

Children of Samuel Middlebrook and Artemesia Olmstead:
  • Charles O. Middlebrook, b. August 10, 1852, Wilton, CT; m. Agnes Irene Beers, November 10, 1872, Weston, CT
  • Samuel F. Middlebrook, b. September 21, 1854, Wilton, CT; m. Caroline A. Beers, May 26, 1877; d. April 28, 1906, Wilton, CT
  • Belle F. Middlebrook, b. November 13, 1858, Wilton, CT; m. Frank E. Williams, February 7, 1877, Wilton, CT; d. December 5, 1887, Weston, CT
  • Marvin W. Middlebrook, b. April 9, 1863, Wilton, CT; m. Olive Damon, May 4, 1899, Boston, MA