Monday, March 30, 2015

William Pinchbeck

William Pinchbeck, my great-great-great-grandfather was baptized in Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire, England on July 15, 1759.  He was the son of John Pinchbeck and Elizabeth Townsend.  He married Ann Marsdon on March 3, 1789 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire.  Together they had thirteen children. William was a farmer who was living in Wainfleet All Saints by 1824.  He died November 12, 1836 in Wainfleet where he was buried.  In 1841, after William's death, Ann was living with her son Isaac and his family in Wainfleet.  Ann died in November 1845 at the age of 74.

Children of William and Ann Marsdon Pinchbeck:
  • Mary Pinchbeck, baptized November 22, 1789
  • Ann Pinchbeck, baptized March 21, 1791
  • Elizabeth Pinchbeck, baptized November 18, 1792
  • William Pinchbeck, baptized September 14, 1794
  • John Pinchbeck, baptized July 16, 1796; married Martha Hutton, November 4, 1828 at Toynton St. Peter, Lincolnshire
  • Francis Pinchbeck, baptized June 24, 1798; married Ann Morton; died July 1878 at Spilsby, Lincolnshire
  • Robert Pinchbeck, baptized April 6, 1800 at Scothern, Lincolnshire; married Jane Anne Anderson, November 25, 1822 at Boston, Lincolnshire; died 1855
  • Margaret Pinchbeck, born May 23, 1802; married Mason Dickson, May 17, 1825 at Midville, Lincolnshire
  • Thomas Pinchbeck, baptized May 20, 1804; married Sarah Steer, August 11, 1833 at Friskney, Lincolnshire; died December 29, 1885 at Friskney, Lincolnshire
  • David Pinchbeck, baptized May 18, 1806 at Scothern, Lincolnshire; married Maria Cheales, November 14, 1825 at Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire; married Hannah Burrill, April 1852 at Spilsby, Lincolnshire; died April 1894 at Louth, Lincolnshire
  • Sarah Pinchbeck, baptized March 28, 1808; married Williams Maidens, May 15, 1830; died October 1886 at Spilsby, Lincolnshire
  • Abraham Pinchbeck, baptized April 16, 1820; married Ann Taylor, December 1, 1831; married Mary Ann Howsham, December 6, 1835; died January 1892 at Horncastle, Lincolnshire
  • Isaac Pinchbeck, born 1814 at West Ashby, Lincolnshire; married Martha Smith, May 16, 1837 at West Keal, Lincolnshire; died March 30, 1872 at Thorpe, Lincolnshire


  1. Loving your blog. I am also descended from the Pinchbeck's and I have just started a blog about our family

  2. Thank you, Karen! I'm happy to share additional info with you about my branch of the Pinchbeck tree. I plan to keep up with your blog.

  3. I also am a Pinchbeck and started a family tree in Marcia Mastroianni

  4. Marcia, very nice to hear from you. I have not made blog entries recently, but my new year resolution is to pick it up again.