Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Georgianna (Partrick) Beers Banks (1858 - 1927)

My second great-grandmother, Georgianna Partrick, was born on February 28, 1858 in Redding, Connecticut to John and Eleanor (Whitehead) Partrick.  Her father died when she was two years old.  She was living with her mother and 6 siblings in Wilton in June of 1860.  When she was twelve she was living in the household of Daniel and Sarah Sanford as a domestic.  It would appear that the families knew one another because the Sanfords were living next to the Partricks in 1850.

Georgianna married my second great-grandfather, Edwin Lafayette Beers, around 1873, based on the age of their oldest child.  She would have been around 15 years old which is quite young.  I have not found a marriage record for them with an exact date.  In 1880 they were living in Weston, Connecticut and had a second son, Eugene Lafayette who was born in 1876.  However, their oldest son, Edwin, was living with his grandparents -- Edwin and Abigail Beers.  Sometime between 1882 and 1890 Edwin and Georgianna divorced.  Edwin going on to marry Ella Nichols Crofut in 1894, and Georgianna marrying Horace O. Banks in 1890.

By 1900 Georgianna and Horace were living in Redding, Connecticut and had three children of their own.  In 1910 they were living on Ridgebury Road in Ridgefield, Connecticut with their youngest child, Jesse.  By 1920, Georgianna was living on the road running from Ridgebury to Danbury Road in Ridgefield.  Horace, a Civil War veteran, spent about 6 1/2 months in 1920 living in a national home for disabled veterans in Kennebec, Maine. When Georgianna died July 20, 1927 she was living in the Ridgebury section of Ridgefield.  She is buried in Ridgefield although I have not yet located the exact cemetery.

Children of Georgianna Partrick and Edwin Lafayette Beers:

  • Edwin Beers, born ca 1874; living with his grandparents, Edwin and Abigail Beers, in 1880.
  • Eugene Lafayette Beers, born 11 August 1876, Weston, Connecticut; married Maud Artemesia Williams, 25 December 1897, Weston, Connecticut; died 21 October 1944, Cross River, New York
  • Ernest E. Beers, born 1882, Weston, Connecticut; died from typhoid fever on 23 November 1899 in Redding, Connecticut.

Children of Georgianna Partrick and Horace O. Banks:

  • Eva May Banks, born January, 1891, Connecticut; married Theodore Reynolds, 1913; died February 1968, Pinellas, Florida.
  • Clifford Banks, born December 23, 1892, Danbury, Connecticut; married Alice B. Slocum; died 1948.
  • Jesse Banks, born July, 1896, Connecticut.


  1. Very interesting research. Horace O Banks was my great grandfather and Jesse my grandfather.

  2. Hello cousin. As you can see, I don't have much information about Jesse. If you would be willing to share some details, please email me directly at deborah.garber@gmail.com. I'd be happy to share additional information with you if you have an interest.

  3. Some updated information to share. Georgian Partrick Beers and Horace Banks had a fourth child, Charles O. Banks, who died October 28, 1896 at the age of 2. Also, I had made an assumption that the Edwin Beers who was born ca 1874 and living with his grandparents, Edwin and Abigail Beers, in 1880 was the son of Edwin and Georgianna Beers because in the 1900 census it reports Georgianna as the mother of 6 children, 4 living. With the new (to me) information about Charles O. Banks, it calls into question whether Edwin, born 1874, should be listed as Georgianna's child. More mysteries to solve!