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Edwin Beers and Abigail Mead Beers

Edwin Beers, my third great-grandfather, was born May 23, 1825 in Weston, Fairfield County, Connecticut to Anson Beers and Mary Ann Weeks. He married Abigail Mead (born to Joshua and Matilda Mead on February 14, 1828 in Weston) on June 13, 1848.  They were married in Weston by Reverend Lewis Pennell, Minister of the Gospel.  In the Town marriage index the date of their marriage is reported as June 12, 1848.  However, the Birth Marriage Death 1848-1867 book in the Weston Town Hall lists their marriage date as June 13.  Their marriage record calls the marriage his second, her first.  I have not found another wife for Edwin.

Edwin was listed as a shoemaker at the time of his marriage and a boot maker in 1860.  By 1870 he was listed in the census as a farmer in Weston.  Edwin was a long time member of the Congregational Church according to his obituary.  He gradually lost his sight during the last ten years of his life and was almost totally blind during his last two years according to his obituary.

Edwin and Abigail both died in Weston in 1891 about three weeks apart.  Edwin died September 25 and Abigail died October 16.  Abigail's gravestone reads October 15, 1891, but her death record reads October 16, 1891.  They are buried at Coley Cemetery in Weston.

Children of Edwin and Abigail (Mead) Beers:

  • Antoinette Beers, born 1849, Weston; married Ambrose Lockwood, November 18, 1865, Weston.
  • Edwin Lafayette Beers, born February 19, 1850, Weston; married Georgianna Partrick, ca 1873; married Ella Nichols Crofut, April 19, 1894, Norwalk, Connecticut; died July 29, 1919, Norwalk.
  • Agnes Irene Beers, born February 3, 1854, Weston; married Charles O. Middlebrook, November 10, 1872, Weston; died May 8, 1926, Norwalk.
  • Caroline Beers, born May 3, 1856, Weston; married Samuel Flower Middlebrook (brother of Charles), May 26, 1877; died November 10, 1895, Wilton, Connecticut.
  • Clarence O. Beers, born August 23, 1860; died January 22, 1892, Weston.
  • Helen Beers, born 1863, Weston.
  • Alva Beers, born 1869.

Edwin Beers
Abigail Mead Beers

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