Sunday, December 20, 2015

Merry Christmas, cousins!

Wishing my cousins a Merry Christmas and
Happy New Year!

Deliverance Bennett and Mary Bigg

Deliverance Bennett, my eighth great-grandfather, was the oldest child of Thomas and Sarah (Hubbard) Bennett.  If calculated by the inscription on his gravestone his birth date is January 5, 1689.  However, according to History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield by Donald Lines Jacobus he was born December 25, 1688.  I need to do some additional research into his date of birth.

Born in Connecticut, Deliverance was baptized March 31, 1695 in the Fairfield Church, Fairfield, Connecticut along with his siblings Thomas, Sarah and Tabitha.  He married Mary Bigg on March 15, 1708 in Fairfield.  Mary was born in October of 1688.  I have not determined who her parents were.

On August 29, 1759 Deliverance signed a will in Fairfield in which he named his wife and seven children.  His sons William and Moses were named executors.

Deliverance and Mary died within days of one another in 1761.  He on April 18 and she on April 14.  Their daughter Sarah (Bennett) Allen also died on April 18, 1761, and I wonder about what illness they perhaps shared that caused their deaths.  Deliverance and Mary Bennett are buried in Colonial Cemetery (also known as Lower Greens Farm Cemetery) in Westport, Connecticut.

Children of Deliverance and Mary (Bigg) Bennett:
  1. William Bennett, born January 8, 1708, died September 16, 1772; married Abigail Hickok
  2. Daniel Bennet, born November 11, 1711; married Sarah Trowbridge
  3. Sarah Bennett, born April 8, 1716, died April 18, 1761; married John Allen
  4. Eunice Bennett, born October 24, 1718; married Stephen Gray
  5. Benjamin Bennett, born July 2, 1721, died 1760; married Mary Lobdell
  6. Samuel Bennett, born August 24, 1723; married Abigail Sherwood
  7. Moses Bennett, born April 8, 1727
  8. Rachel Bennett, born October 11, 1729; married Eleazer Godfrey
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Saturday, December 12, 2015

Joshua Lobdell (born 1671)

Joshua Lobdell, my eighth great-grandfather, was born December 23, 1671 in Springfield, Massachusetts to Simon and Persis (Pierce) Lobdell.

He married twice. His first wife, Mary Burwell, is my eighth great-grandmother whom he married August 11, 1695 in Milford, Connecticut.  Mary Burwell was the daughter of John and Alice Burwell. Together, Joshua and Mary had six children.  He married second Eunice Olmstead, daughter of John Olmstead and Mary Benedict Olmstead in 1713 in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  Eunice Olmstead is my eighth great-aunt.  Joshua and Eunice had 7 children together, all born in Ridgefield, Connecticut.

Children of Joshua Lobdell and Mary Burwell Lobdell:

  1. Samuel Lobdell, born February 2, 1699; married Rebecca St. John
  2. Sarah Lobdell, born February 1, 1702; died young
  3. Joshua Lobdell, born March 16, 1703; married Mary Reynolds
  4. Mary Lobdell, born October 30, 1704; married Samuel Plum
  5. Ebenezer Lobdell, born February 24, 1707; married Rebecca Benedict; died 1801
  6. Susannah Lobdell, born February 27, 1709; married Seaborn Burt; died 1803
Children of Joshua Lobdell and Eunice Olmstead:

  1. Sarah Lobdell, born September 27, 1714; married Jabez Northrup
  2. Caleb Lobdell, born February 1, 1716
  3. John Lobdell, born August 21, 1721; married Ruth Sherwood
  4. Darius Lobdell, born October 18, 1729; married Mary Baldwin
  5. Elizabeth Lobdell, born November 14, 1732; married Isaac Northrup
  6. Simon Lobdell, born 1739
  7. David Lobdell, born ca 1739, married Phoebe Burt
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Monday, December 7, 2015

December birthdays

My direct line ancestors who have a birthday in December are:

  • Elsie Beers, born December 1, 1898, my grandmother
  • Joshua Lobdell, born December 23, 1671, my eighth great-grandfather
  • Henry Karns, born December 23, 1786, my third great-grandfather
  • James Hanlin, born December 24, 1798, my great-great-grandfather
  • Deliverance Bennett, born December 25, 1688, my eighth great-grandfather
  • Sarah Hide, born December 25, 1703, my seventh great-grandmother
  • John Peter Bitner, born December 26, 1776, my fourth great-grandfather

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Veterans Day 2015

Remembering my father, William I. Pinchbeck, on this Veterans Day.

He served as a radio operator in the United States Army during World War II,
earning 3 bronze stars.

Thank you for your service, Dad.

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Saturday, November 7, 2015

November birthdays

My direct line ancestors who have a birthday in November are:

  • David Osborn, born November, 1700, my seventh great-grandfather
  • Robert Pinchbeck, born November, 1694, my fifth great-grandfather
  • Mary Myrtle Ferry, born November 3, 1888, my grandmother
  • William Shirt, born November 4, 1795, my third great-grandfather
  • Frank Williams, born November 6, 1858, my second great-grandfather
  • Daniel Bennett, born November 11, 1711, my seventh great-grandfather
  • Mercy Comstock, born November 12, 1676, my ninth great-grandmother
  • Belle Middlebrook, born November 13, 1858, my second great-grandmother
  • William Owen Griffith, November 13, 1742, my fourth great-grandfather
  • Sarah Trowbridge, born November 15, 1715, my seventh great-grandmother
  • Mary Belden, born November 17, 1677, my ninth great-grandmother
  • Reuben Taylor, born November 21, 1703, my seventh great-grandfather
  • Joseph Beers, born November 28, 1775, my fifth great-grandfather
  • Hannah Little, born November 30, 1671, my eighth great-grandmother

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Jonathan Fanton (1700 - 1738) and Sarah Hide

Jonathan Fanton, my seventh great-grandfather, was baptized September 22, 1700 in Fairfield, Connecticut.  He was the fourth child and oldest son of Jonathan Fanton and Sarah Hide.

Jonathan also married a Sarah Hide, his first cousin.  Sarah Hide was born December 25, 1703 in Fairfield to John Hide and Rachel Rumsey. She was baptized April 16, 1704.  Jonathan's mother, Sarah, and Sarah's father, John, were the children of John Hide and Elizabeth Harvey.

My seventh great-grandparents had seven children together.

  • Their oldest child, Ezra, was born about 1726 and died in 1762.  
  • Mary Fanton, my sixth great-grandmother, was born about 1728 and married Ephraim Beers on December 24, 1745 in Fairfield.  She died about 1813.
  • Zebulon Fanton was born about 1729 and married Grace Goodsell on March 27, 1804 before his death in Weston in 1807.
  • Eunice Fanton married Nehemiah Beers on June 27, 1753.
  • Gershom Fanton married Anna Sturges, January 18, 1759 and died December 6, 1810.
  • Sarah Fanton married John Sturges and then (2) on November 4, 1781, Ebenezer Redfield.
  • Ellen Fanton, who died about 1804.

Jonathan Fanton died in 1738 and Sarah at a later date.

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Friday, November 6, 2015

Ephraim Beers (1695 - 1759)

Ephraim Beers, my seventh great-grandfather, was born about 1695 in Fairfield, Connecticut to Ephraim and Mary Gardner Beers.  He married Susanna Meeker, daughter of John and Elizabeth Meeker, who was baptized March 29, 1696.  They lived in what is now the Westport area of Fairfield County, Connecticut.

Ephraim died June 15, 1759.  He died intestate and administration was granted to his son Daniel on December 19, 1759.

Children of Ephraim and Susannah Meeker Beers:

  1. Ephraim, married Mary Fanton
  2. Daniel, born 1726; died April 1, 1801, New York; married Abigail Dikeman
  3. Nathan, married Ann Burr
  4. Nehemiah, married Eunice Fanton (sister of Mary Fanton); died 1793
  5. Sarah, married Ebenezer Guire
  6. Elizabeth, married ? Ellis
  7. Eunice
  8. Abigail
  9. Deborah, married Joseph Monroe
  10. David

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Monday, October 26, 2015

Rachel Keeler Osborn Morehouse

Rachel Keeler was born October 4, 1706 in Norwalk, Connecticut to Joseph and Elizabeth Whitney Keeler.  My seventh great-grandmother was their oldest child.

Rachel married David Osborn about 1726 and together they had seven children.  After David died in 1749/50, Rachel married Lemuel Morehouse on June 6, 1750 in Ridgefield, Connecticut.  Apparently Rachel died before April 7, 1768 because she is not mentioned in the will Lemuel signed on that date.

Children of David Osborn and Rachel Keeler Osborn:
  1. Richard Osborn, b. August 4, 1727, Ridgefield, Connecticut
  2. David Osborn, b. September 25, 1729, Ridgefield, Connecticut; d. 1807, Danbury, Connecticut; m. Hannah Mead, Abiah Wilson
  3. Elizabeth Osborn, b. September 1, 1731, Ridgefield, Connecticut; m. Adams Whitlock
  4. James Osborn, b. September 17, 1733, Ridgefield, Connecticut; d. March 28, 1811, Brookfield, Connecticut; m. Elizabeth Mead
  5. Aaron Osborn, b. September 29, 1735, Ridgefield, Connecticut; d. June 13, 1810, Ridgefield, Connecticut; m. Hannah Morehouse
  6. Moses Osborn, b. December 23, 1737, Ridgefield, Connecticut; d. October 31, 1821, Danbury, Connecticut; m. Sarah White, Elvira Wilson
  7. Lot Osborn, b. April 23, 1744, Ridgefield, Connecticut; d. April 5, 1821; m. Thankful Doolittle, Phebe Martin

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October birthdays

My direct line ancestors who have a birthday in October are :
  • Rachel Keeler, born October 4, 1706, my 7th great-grandmother
  • Rachel Rumsey, born October 6, 1671, my 8th great-grandmother
  • Samuel Trowbridge, born October 7, 1670, my 8th great-grandfather
  • John Taylor, born October 10, 1667, my 8th great-grandfather
  • James Olmstead, born October 15, 1708, my 8th great-grandfather
  • Hezekiah Gilbert, born October 16, 1735, my 6th great-grandfather
  • Rachel Squires, born October 21, 1811, my 4th great-grandmother
  • Rebecca Gilbert, born October 22, 1764, my 5th great-grandmother
  • Rebecca Galbreath, born October 23, 1841, my great-grandmother
  • Gershom Lockwood, born October 23, 1748, my 6th great-grandfather
  • Samuel Middlebrook, born October 24, 1822, my 3rd great-grandfather
  • William Ambrose, born October 24, 1806, my 3rd great-grandfather

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Monday, October 19, 2015

Henry Ambrose (1762 - 1833) and Susannah Walker Ambrose (1768 - 1843)

Henry Ambrose, my fourth great-grandfather, the eldest son of Frederick and Margaret Ambrose, was born June 20, 1762 in Fulton County, Pennsylvania.  He married Susannah Walker probably about 1789 based on the birth date of their oldest child.  They had eleven children including my third great-grandfather, William Ambrose.  Of their eleven children, four of them married siblings who were the children of John Peter and Anna Maria "Mary" (Mathews) Bitner.  Another four married members of the Welshonse family.

Henry was a farmer who owned land on Coal Pit Run in Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania totaling about 40 acres.  This farm had belonged to his father. He was a member of the Lutheran Church.

Henry died January 27, 1833 in Ligonier.  Susannah died ten years later on November 22, 1843 at the age of 75 years, 10 months, 14 days according to her gravestone. They are buried in Old Ligonier Cemetery, Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.

Susannah Walker Ambrose

Henry Ambrose

Sunday, October 18, 2015

John Peter Bitner (1776 - 1852) and Anna Maria Mathews (1783 - 1850)

John Peter Bitner was born December 26, 1776 in Brothersvalley Township in present day Somerset County, Pennsylvania to Phillip Bitner and Juliana Philippina.  Their eldest son, he was baptized on October 15, 1777 in the Berlin Union Lutheran Reformed Church.  It appears that he was a life long Lutheran as he appears on the records of St. James Lutheran Church in Ligonier as a communicant in 1851, shortly before he died.

My fourth great-grandfather married Anna Maria Mathews, born September 11, 1783 to Johann George Mathews and Maria Barbara Ambrose, probably in 1801 or 1802.  Their first child, Sarah Bitner, was born in May, 1803.

Anna Maria Bitner died in 1850, predeceasing her husband who died in April 1852 in Donegal Township.

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Monday, September 28, 2015

Sarah Monroe Middlebrook (1793 - 1837)

Sarah "Sally" Monroe, my fourth great-grandmother, was born about 1793 to Joseph and Rebecca Gilbert Monroe.  She married Charles Ohara Middlebrook in 1820 at Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut at the age of 27.  Before she married Charles Middlebrook she had a daughter, Jane, who is named in Charles' will as "Jane Monroe, a daughter of my wife Sally".  I have not found a marriage for Sally prior to her marriage to Charles.

Sarah joined the Wilton Congregational Church in Wilton, Connecticut in 1836 according to church records.  On July 8, 1837 she signed a will in which she named her daughter Jane, married to James H. Smith, sons Samuel, Charles, James Munroe, and daughters Mary Hoyt and Sarah.  The will was proved August 26, 1837.  Sarah died August 22, 1837 at the age of 44 and is buried at Hillside Cemetery in Wilton. Click here to see a photo of her gravestone in her FindAGrave memorial page.

The children of Charles Ohara Middlebrook and Sarah Monroe are:
  1. Mary Hoyt Middlebrook, b. 8 Sep 1921, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 12 Dec 1905, Palmyra, Wayne, New York; m. Henry S. Flower, 1841.
  2. Samuel Middlebrook, b. 24 Oct 1822, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 10 Mar 1908, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. Artemesia Olmstead.
  3. Charles Middlebrook, b. 18 Jun 1824, Connecticut; d. 13 Jan 1888, Brooklyn, Kings, New York; m. Ellen Murphy, 10 May 1871.
  4. James Monroe Middlebrook, b. 22 Jan 1826, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 20 Jun 1866, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. Emily Olmstead, 1 Jan 1856.
  5. Sarah Middlebrook, b. 28 Feb 1830, Wilton, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 15 Oct 1899, Palmyra, Wayne, New York; m. Orsamus T. Sexton.
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Sunday, September 27, 2015

Rachel Squires Beers (1811 - 1872)

Rachel Squires, my fourth great-grandmother, was born in Connecticut on October 21, 1811 to Samuel and Abigail (Platt) Squires.  Around 1836 she married Anson Beers.  She was stepping into a busy household as Anson had five children, ages 10 and under, from his first marriage to Mary Ann Weeks who died in 1835.

Rachel and Anson went on to have four more children of their own before Anson died in 1850, just four years after their youngest was born.  By 1860, Rachel was living in the household of her daughter Abigail with Abigail's husband, William Williams, and son, Frank.  By 1870, Rachel was living with her son, William, William's wife, Cornelia, and son, Arthur.

Rachel died on August 1, 1872 at the age of 60.  She was buried at Coley Cemetery in Weston, Connecticut.

Children of Anson Beers and Abigail Squires:

  1. James Merwin Beers, b. 12 Apr 1837, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 2 May 1915, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. Mary Jane Squires, 4 Sep 1859, Redding, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  2. Abigail Jane Beers, b. 27 Jun 1840, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 10 Aug 1921, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. William Williams, 31 Dec 1856, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  3. William Platt Beers, b. 11 Nov 1843, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut; d. 5 Jul 1911, Norwalk, Fairfield, Connecticut; m. Cornelia Brown, 5 Feb 1867, Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut.
  4. Samuel B. Beers, b. 4 Aug 1846; d. 23 Sep 1855, Connecticut.

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Monday, September 7, 2015

September birthdays

My direct line ancestors who have a birthday in September include:

  • Thomas Griffith, born September 1, 1767, my third great-grandfather
  • Catharine Leibensperger, born September 1, 1751, my fourth great-grandmother
  • Philip Henry Harman, September 6, 1769, my fourth great-grandfather
  • Jesse Morehouse, born September 7, 1750, my sixth great-grandfather
  • Josiah Bennett, born September 8, 1768, my fifth great-grandfather
  • Samuel Middlebrook, born September 11, 1743, my fifth great-grandfather
  • Anna Maria Mathews, born September 11, 1783, my fourth great-grandmother
  • Polly Bennett, born September 12, 1804, my fourth great-grandfather
  • Silas Partrick, born September 20, 1799, my fourth great-grandfather
  • Aaron Osborn, born September 29, 1735, my sixth great-grandfather

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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Mary Ann (Weeks) Beers (1794 - 1835)

Mary Ann Weeks, my fourth great-grandmother, was born in 1794 as calculated by her cemetery inscription.  According to her son's (Edwin) death certificate, she was born in Southport, Connecticut.  Mary Ann was the daughter of Wright and Mary (Perry) Weeks.  She was baptized February 7, 1796 in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Around 1823 she married Anson Beers based on the birth date of their oldest child, Edwin.  They lived in Weston, Connecticut until her death on February 1, 1835, perhaps during childbirth.  She is buried in Coley Cemetery in Weston according to Hale Cemetery Inscriptions but I have not been able to find her tombstone.

After her death Anson remarried and had four more children with Rachel Squires.

I am descended from Anson and Mary Ann through their son Edwin as well as from Anson and Rachel through their daughter Abigail.

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Clarissa Bates Partrick (1799 - 1860)

Clarissa Bates, my fourth great-grandmother, was born January 11, 1799 in Connecticut.  I have calculated her date of birth from cemetery records.  I believe that her parents were Nathan and Ruth (Taylor) Bates.  In 1850 Nathan Bates was living with Clarissa's son, Burr, and Burr's family in Danbury, Connecticut.  I have not yet located probate records for Nathan that might specifically name Clarissa and link the two.  Nor have I found a record of her birth.  If any cousins out there have some information to definitively connect Clarissa to Nathan and Ruth Bates (or disprove my supposition), I would appreciate you sharing with me.

Clarissa married Silas Partrick when she was about 20 years old based on the date of birth of their oldest child, Burr.  She and Silas had three sons - Burr, John, and Edwin.

She died April 26, 1860 in Wilton, Connecticut.  She is buried at Zion's Hill Cemetery in Wilton next to Silas.

Clarissa Bates Partrick
Zion's Hill Cemetery
Wilton, Connecticut

Monday, August 17, 2015

Silas Partrick (1799 - 1880)

Silas Partrick, my fourth great-grandfather, was born September 20, 1799 in Connecticut to Halsey Partrick and Phebe Lockwood Partrick.  I have calculated his birth date from the information about his date of death and age as listed in the Birth, Marriage, Death Index 1867 - 1880 for the Town of Wilton, Connecticut.  Silas married Clarissa Bates around 1820 based on the date of birth of their oldest child.

Silas worked as a shoemaker and was a resident of Wilton, Connecticut.  After Clarissa died in 1860, Silas, his son Burr, and Burr's family lived together in Wilton.

Silas died October 20, 1880 from dropsy and heart disease according to Wilton town records.  He is buried in Zion's Hill Cemetery next to Clarissa.  Silas died intestate according to (Norwalk) Connecticut probate records.  Aaron M. Reed was appointed administrator of Silas' estate on November 24, 1880.

Zion's Hill Cemetery
Wilton, Connecticut

Children of Silas and Clarissa (Bates) Partrick:
  1. Burr Partrick, born April 1820, Wilton, Connecticut; married 1842, Eliza Ann Jennings; died 1904, Wilton, Connecticut
  2. John Partrick, born 1822, Wilton, Connecticut; married July 3, 1843, Eleanor C. Whitehead;  died February 21, 1860, Wilton, Connecticut
  3. Edwin Partrick, born 1838, prob. Wilton, Connecticut

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Christina (Kuhns) Karns (1791 - 1884)

Christina Kuhns, my third great-grandmother, was born May 26, 1791 in Pennsylvania to Henry and Catharine (Leibensperger) Kuhns.  I am using this birthdate based on the information on her tombstone which is "Died Mar. 26, 1884, aged 92 yrs. & 10 mos."

She appears in the 1850 United States census with her husband, Henry Karns, in Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania.  When Henry died in 1873 he left to Christina the use and control of the tract of land on which they lived, the goods of the house, two cows, and the liberty to take stove coal off of the "end of the place where Henry Karns now lives".  By 1880 Christina was living in Unity, Pennsylvania with her daughter, Mattie, who also was a widow at that point in time.

It seems that Christina was a Lutheran as she is found in the records of St James Lutheran Church in Ligonier as a communicant in 1874.

Christina Kuhns Karns died March 26, 1884 and was buried in Karns Cemetery in Ligonier.

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

August birthdays

My direct line ancestors who have a birthday in the month of August include:

  1. Robert Pinchbeck, born August 3, 1625, my seventh great-grandfather
  2. Sarah (Karns) Ferry, born August 7, 1860, my great-grandmother
  3. Eugene Lafayette Beers, born August 11, 1876, my great-grandfather
  4. Henry Ferry, born August 15, 1827, my great-great-grandfather
  5. Anthony Blackburn, born August 17, 1749, my fourth great-grandfather
  6. Anna Margaretha (Thomas) Ferry, born August 18, 1764, my fourth great-grandmother
  7. William H. Ferry, born August 18, 1855, my great-grandfather
  8. Alden Olmstead, born August 23, 1784, my fifth great-grandfather

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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Henry Karns (1786 - 1873)

My third great-grandfather, Henry Karns, was born in 1786 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania to Nicholas and Mary Magdalena (Rimer) Kern. He was baptized on April 15, 1787 at St Johns Church in Mount Pleasant, Pennsylvania.

Henry married Christina Kuhns, daughter of Henry and Catharine (Leibensperger) Kuhns, around 1809, based on the birth date of their oldest child.  Henry and Christina settled in what is present day Cook Township, Pennsylvania and he is found in the United States census for the years 1830, 1840, 1850 and 1860.  In 1870, Henry and Christina are listed in the US census in the household of their son Henry and his family. They are living in Ligonier Township on a farm valued at $3,000.

Henry Karns died January 12, 1873 in Ligonier Township and is buried in Karns Cemetery. He wrote his will July 9, 1853 in which he named his wife Christina, his sons, Jacob, George and Henry, and his daughters Mary Shirey, Martha Fisher, Catherine McDowell and Eliza Brooch (deceased). His son, Jacob Karns, and son-in-law, George Brooch, were his executors.  The will was proved January 23, 1873.

Children of Henry Karns and Christina (Kuhns) Karns (all born in Westmoreland, PA):

  1. Daniel Karns*, b. October 30, 1811
  2. Catherine Karns, b. July 16, 1814; m. January 16, 1834, James McDowell; d. August 17, 1888, Cedar Township, Lucas, Iowa
  3. George Karns, b. October 16, 1815; m. Mary Shirey; d. October 14, 1897, Youngstown, Pennsylvania
  4. Jacob Karns, b. January 9, 1818; m. April 18, 1844, Rosannah Wills; d. July 30, 1877, Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania
  5. Magdalena (Martha) Karns, b. October 1, 1820; m. October 13, 1842, Christian Fisher; d. November 10, 1890
  6. John Karns*, b. ca 1821
  7. William Karns*, b. ca 1822
  8. Elizabeth Karns, b. May 6, 1823; m. November 9, 1843, George Brough; d. December 31, 1852
  9. Anna Christina Karns*, b. November 8, 1825
  10. Mary Ann Karns, b. May 28, 1828; m. December 16, 1847, George Shirey; d. August 14, 1917, Youngstown, Pennsylvania
  11. Henry Karns, b. February 22, 1831; m. October 21, 1852, Matilda Ann Ambrose; d. July 11, 1896, Pennsylvania

* The only source I have for this individual is Descendants of Nicholas Kern (ca 1693 - 1749) of Northern Lehigh County, Pennsylvania by Donald W. Kern, p. 37.  This person was not named in the will of Henry Karns, and I have not found vital records.

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Thursday, July 9, 2015

Sarah Bitner Ambrose (1803 - 1873)

Sarah Bitner, my third great-grandmother was born May 18, 1803 in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania to John Peter Bitner and Anna Maria Matthews.  According to History of Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania by John Boucher, she was the oldest of their fourteen children. She married William Ambrose ca 1828, based on the age of their oldest child, George Washington Ambrose.

Sarah Bitner Ambrose lived in Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania with William.  After his death in 1868 she stayed on the same family farm with her son Henry and his family also living there with her.  They appear in the 1870 United States Census together in the same dwelling, although in different households.  There is a Susan Sulivan, age 13, in Sarah Ambrose's household in 1870 as well as daughters Mary Ann and Lucinda.  I have not identified who Susan was.

Sarah died January 25, 1873 in Ligonier and is buried in Old Ligonier Cemetery.

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Sunday, July 5, 2015

William Ambrose (1806 - 1868)

William Ambrose, my third great-grandfather, was born in 1806 to Henry Ambrose and Susannah Walker. He was born in October in Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania and based on the calculation from the information on his tombstone (died January 29, 1868, aged 61 years, 3 months, 5 days) his birth day would be October 24.  However, other secondary sources list his birth day as October 14.

He was a life long farmer and a member of the Brant Church Lutheran and Reformed in Ligonier during his adult life.  His children were baptized there and his name is on the list of communicants until shortly before his death.

William Ambrose married Sara Bitner, daughter of John Peter Bitner and Anna Maria "Mary" Mathews, in 1828. They had eleven children, three of whom died in infancy and one who died in childhood.

William died January 29, 1868 in Ligonier and is buried in Old Ligonier Cemetery in that town.  He wrote a will January 3, 1868 that was proved February 19, 1868.  In it he left to his wife Sara, among other items, "… one horse and buggy, the horse to be any one she may choose that belongs to the place, two milk cows, six head of sheep, two hogs, together with the poultry about the premises…." His sons, Henry P. and Jacob T. Ambrose, were executors.

William Ambrose
Old Ligonier Cemetery
Ligonier, Pennsylvania
William's stone is in the middle

Children of William Ambrose and Sara Bitner:

  1. George Washington Ambrose, b. June 21, 1829, Ligonier; m. Rebecca Crawford Salms, ca 1858; d. November 2, 1881
  2. John Matthews Ambrose, b. April 10, 1831, Ligonier; d. July 22, 1839, Ligonier
  3. Matilda Ann Ambrose, b. April 18, 1832, Ligonier; m. Henry Karns, October 21, 1852; d. October 27, 1892
  4. Henry Peter Ambrose, b. March 10, 1834, Ligonier; m. Margaret Jane Waugh, ca 1864; d. January 1, 1904, Ligonier
  5. Mary Ann Ambrose, b. May 11, 1836, Ligonier; m. William Koontz, 1871; d. December 24, 1900
  6. Jacob Trager Ambrose, b. December 6, 1837, Ligonier; m. Susan Elizabeth Boucher, ca 1867; d.  January 15, 1921, Ligonier
  7. Josiah Walker Ambrose, b. March 2, 1840, Ligonier; m. Anna Catharine Beltz, 1862; d. October 19, 1908, Ligonier
  8. Alexander Ambrose, b. January 8, 1842, Ligonier; d. January 23, 1842
  9. Louisa Ambrose, b. February 24, 1844, Ligonier; d. June 1, 1844
  10. Lucinda Ambrose, b. February 24, 1844, Ligonier; m. John Ray; d. September 21, 1917, East Mckeesport, Allegheny, Pennsylvania
  11. Amanda Ambrose, b. September 27, 1846, Ligonier; d. December 18, 1846

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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

July Birthdays

My direct line ancestors who were born in the month of July include:

  1. William Pinchbeck, born July 1759, my third great-grandfather
  2. Ebenezer Gilbert, born July 1, 1712, my seventh great-grandfather
  3. Rachel (Osborn) Bennett, born July 20, 1771, my fifth great-grandmother

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Family picnic

In honor of International Picnic Day, I am sharing an undated photo of a family picnic of the Hanlin family.  My grandmother, Mary (Ferry) Hanlin, wearing glasses, is standing in the middle of the photo. I recognize her daughter, Edith, and Edith's husband, Tom Ryan, standing to the right of Mary as you look at the photo.  I think the woman to Mary's immediate right is her daughter, Stella.

I'm hoping some Hanlin/Ferry cousins out there might recognize who else is in the photo and share the names.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Matilda Ambrose Karns (1832 - 1892)

Matilda Ann Ambrose, my second great-grandmother, was born April 18, 1832 in Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania to William Ambrose and Sara Bitner Ambrose.  She was baptized June 2, 1832 at the St. James Lutheran Church in Ligonier and remained a life-long member of that church.

Matilda spent her life in Ligonier, marrying Henry Karns on October 21, 1852.  Together they had four children: William Henry (who pre-deceased her), Christina Lucinda, Sarah and Ambrose Miller Karns.

Matilda Ambrose Karns died on October 27, 1892 following an operation for breast cancer.  Her funeral was held in the St. James Lutheran Church, and she was buried at Ligonier Valley Cemetery in Ligonier.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

William Pinchbeck and Mary Ann Lightowler

In an earlier post I wrote about my great-grandfather, William Pinchbeck.  After my great-grandmother, Harriet, died William married again.  I knew his second wife's first name was Mary Ann but did not know her last name nor when they were married.

Just yesterday I received the marriage record from New York State that gave me the needed information.  Mary Ann's name on the marriage record is Marian Lightowler.  William and Mary Ann were married May 12, 1898 in Mount Vernon, New York by Reverend George Clarke Peck.  Reverend Peck was the pastor of the First M.E. Church in Mount Vernon.

According to the marriage record, Mary Ann (Marian) was living in Mount Vernon at the time while William was living in South Salem, New York.  I still have not established how they knew one another.    More research to be done!  Stay tuned.

Alexander Hanlin (1760 - 1841)

The origins of Alexander Hanlin, my third great-grandfather, still remain a mystery to me.  He was born  May 10, 1760 based on a calculation of his birth date from cemetery records.  I do not know who his parents were.  It appears that he was naturalized in November 1808 and according to the naturalization index he was born in Ireland.  I am now in the process of trying to obtain a copy of his naturalization papers.

Alexander Handline is listed in the 1796 Quemahoning Township Taxables rolls which would put him in Somerset County, Pennsylvania where he lived the rest of his life.  In 1800 he is listed in the U.S. census in Quemahoning.  On September 20, 1805, he applied, with Nathan Vickroy, for a land warrant survey of 250 acres in Quemahoning. Then in 1815 he applied for a land warrant for 7 1/2 acres adjoining his current acreage.  He is found in the 1810 census in Quemahoning and the 1820, 1830 and 1840 census in Jenner, Somerset County which is on the western border of Quemahoning.

In the each census I consulted there is a female listed who would be of the right age for Alexander's wife, but I do not know her name.  When Alexander wrote his will on July 5, 1840 he did not reference a wife.  Did she die between June 1, the enumeration date for the 1840 census, and July 5?  Did her death cause him to write a will then when he hadn't before?

Alexander Hanlin died December 17, 1841, presumably in Somerset County, Pennsylvania.  His son, James, was named executor of the will but James died May 15, 1842.  After James' death, Henry Howard, the husband of Alexander's daughter, Margaret, was named executor.  It is in the will that all of the children are named.

Alexander Hanlin is buried in Jenner Township Baptist Church Cemetery, Jenner, Somerset, Pennsylvania.

Children of Alexander Hanlin:

  • John Hanlin
  • James Hanlin, b. December 24, 1798, m. Margaret Griffith, d. May 15, 1842
  • Alexander Hanlin, b. ca 1803, m. Margaret Griss
  • Margaret Hanlin, b. 1786, m. Henry Howard
  • Jane Hanlin, m. ____ Cooper
  • Mary Hanlin, m. ____ Mattin
  • Elisabeth Hanlin
  • Ellenor Hanlin, m. ____ Thomas
  • Rachel Hanlin, m. ____Thomas
  • Marge Hanlin, m. Richard Sanders

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

June birthdays

My direct line ancestors who were born in the month of June include:

  1. John Pinchbeck, born June 1731, my 4th great-grandfather
  2. Anson Beers, born June 2, 1800, my 4th great-grandfather
  3. Mary Griffith Blackburn, born June 19, 1751, my 4th great-grandmother
  4. Robert Smith Pinchbeck I, born June 19, 1895, my grandfather
  5. Henry Ambrose, born June 20, 1762, my 4th great-grandfather
  6. Seth Samuel Burr, born June 20, 1694, my 8th great-grandfather
  7. Abigail Beers Williams, born June 27, 1840, my 3rd great-grandmother

Tombstone of Henry Ambrose

Robert Smith Pinchbeck I

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Samuel Middlebrook and Artemesia Olmstead

My third great-grandfather, Samuel Middlebrook, was born October 24, 1822 to Charles Ohara Middlebrook and Sarah Monroe.  He was a life long resident of Wilton, Connecticut except for a few years when he was a purser of one of the first steamboats on the Hudson River, according to his obituary.  Artemesia Olmstead was born March 30, 1834 to Lorenzo Dow Olmstead and Julia Ann Lee.  Her father was from Wilton, but she was born in New York State. Her family moved to Wilton around 1843.

In 1850 Samuel was a farmer in Wilton, not yet married.  Living in his household were Polly Williams, my 4th great-grandmother, and her son Hawley.  I have not yet teased out how the families were connected at that time.

Samuel and Artemesia probably married in 1851 as their first child was born in 1852.  Artemesia's sister, Emily, married Samuel's brother, James in 1856, so the two Middlebrook and Olmstead families were closely tied.

Together, Samuel and Artemesia had four children.  She died August 4, 1864 in Wilton, a little more than a year after the fourth child was born.  Samuel did not remarry but remained in Wilton as a farmer raising their children.  In 1870, Emily Olmstead Middlebrook, a widow since 1866, was living next to Samuel.  Perhaps she helped raise Artemesia's children during that time. In 1880, Samuel's son Charles and Charles' family were living with him.  In 1900, his son Samuel and Samuel's family were living with him.

Samuel Middlebrook died at home in March, 1908 following an illness.  His tombstone lists his date of death as March 16, 1908, and the date as calculated from his obituary suggests March 16th.  However, the date of death in the Wilton Vital Records is March 10, 1908.

Hillside Cemetery
Wilton, Connecticut

Children of Samuel Middlebrook and Artemesia Olmstead:
  • Charles O. Middlebrook, b. August 10, 1852, Wilton, CT; m. Agnes Irene Beers, November 10, 1872, Weston, CT
  • Samuel F. Middlebrook, b. September 21, 1854, Wilton, CT; m. Caroline A. Beers, May 26, 1877; d. April 28, 1906, Wilton, CT
  • Belle F. Middlebrook, b. November 13, 1858, Wilton, CT; m. Frank E. Williams, February 7, 1877, Wilton, CT; d. December 5, 1887, Weston, CT
  • Marvin W. Middlebrook, b. April 9, 1863, Wilton, CT; m. Olive Damon, May 4, 1899, Boston, MA

Monday, April 13, 2015

Eleanor Whitehead (1825 - 1880)

Eleanor Whitehead, my third-great-grandmother, was born about 1825 in Redding, Connecticut to Beach and Sally (Jennings) Whitehead.  She married John Partrick in Redding on July 3, 1843.  John and Eleanor were living in Redding in 1850 according to the 1850 US census but had moved to Wilton by the time John died in 1860.

When her husband died Eleanor was left with seven children, four girls and three boys, who ranged in age from two to sixteen.  In 1870, Eleanor was living in Danbury, Connecticut with two of her children, Lucinda (Fanny) and Charles.  Fanny was working at a hat factory.  Eleanor's son William was working as a farm hand in Redding and her daughter Georgianna was working as a domestic in Redding.  I haven't located her other three children, Mary, James and Sarah, in the census after 1860.

Eleanor Whitehead Partrick died in January, 1880 of consumption in Redding, Connecticut.  I continue to look for where she and her husband are buried.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

John Partrick (1822 - 1860)

John Partrick, my great-great-great-grandfather was born about 1822 in Wilton, Connecticut to Silas and Clarissa (Bates) Partrick. He was married to Eleanor Whitehead on July 3, 1843 in Redding, Connecticut by James Batterson, Deacon, Methodist Episcopal Church.

John is listed as a shoemaker in the 1850 US census, living in Redding with his wife, Elanor (sic), and his children, Jane E., William, and James A.   When he died in Wilton, Connecticut in 1860 at the age of 38 he left Eleanor with seven children, ages 2 through 16.  Their daughter, Georgianna is my great-great-grandmother.

Children of John Partrick and Eleanor Whitehead:

  • Mary (Jane) Partrick, b. ca 1843 Connecticut
  • William K. Partrick, b. February 1847, Connecticut
  • James Alonzo Partrick, b. ca 1849, Connecticut
  • Lucinda (Fanny) Partrick, b. ca 1851
  • Charles Partrick, b. ca 1854, Connecticut
  • Georgianna (Anna) Partrick, b. February 1857, Wilton, Connecticut; m. (1) Edwin Lafayette Beers, m. (2) 1890, Horace O. Banks; d. 1927
  • Sarah P. Partrick, b. ca 1858, Connecticut

Monday, March 30, 2015

William Pinchbeck

William Pinchbeck, my great-great-great-grandfather was baptized in Kirton in Lindsey, Lincolnshire, England on July 15, 1759.  He was the son of John Pinchbeck and Elizabeth Townsend.  He married Ann Marsdon on March 3, 1789 in Lincoln, Lincolnshire.  Together they had thirteen children. William was a farmer who was living in Wainfleet All Saints by 1824.  He died November 12, 1836 in Wainfleet where he was buried.  In 1841, after William's death, Ann was living with her son Isaac and his family in Wainfleet.  Ann died in November 1845 at the age of 74.

Children of William and Ann Marsdon Pinchbeck:
  • Mary Pinchbeck, baptized November 22, 1789
  • Ann Pinchbeck, baptized March 21, 1791
  • Elizabeth Pinchbeck, baptized November 18, 1792
  • William Pinchbeck, baptized September 14, 1794
  • John Pinchbeck, baptized July 16, 1796; married Martha Hutton, November 4, 1828 at Toynton St. Peter, Lincolnshire
  • Francis Pinchbeck, baptized June 24, 1798; married Ann Morton; died July 1878 at Spilsby, Lincolnshire
  • Robert Pinchbeck, baptized April 6, 1800 at Scothern, Lincolnshire; married Jane Anne Anderson, November 25, 1822 at Boston, Lincolnshire; died 1855
  • Margaret Pinchbeck, born May 23, 1802; married Mason Dickson, May 17, 1825 at Midville, Lincolnshire
  • Thomas Pinchbeck, baptized May 20, 1804; married Sarah Steer, August 11, 1833 at Friskney, Lincolnshire; died December 29, 1885 at Friskney, Lincolnshire
  • David Pinchbeck, baptized May 18, 1806 at Scothern, Lincolnshire; married Maria Cheales, November 14, 1825 at Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire; married Hannah Burrill, April 1852 at Spilsby, Lincolnshire; died April 1894 at Louth, Lincolnshire
  • Sarah Pinchbeck, baptized March 28, 1808; married Williams Maidens, May 15, 1830; died October 1886 at Spilsby, Lincolnshire
  • Abraham Pinchbeck, baptized April 16, 1820; married Ann Taylor, December 1, 1831; married Mary Ann Howsham, December 6, 1835; died January 1892 at Horncastle, Lincolnshire
  • Isaac Pinchbeck, born 1814 at West Ashby, Lincolnshire; married Martha Smith, May 16, 1837 at West Keal, Lincolnshire; died March 30, 1872 at Thorpe, Lincolnshire

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Georgianna (Partrick) Beers Banks (1858 - 1927)

My second great-grandmother, Georgianna Partrick, was born on February 28, 1858 in Redding, Connecticut to John and Eleanor (Whitehead) Partrick.  Her father died when she was two years old.  She was living with her mother and 6 siblings in Wilton in June of 1860.  When she was twelve she was living in the household of Daniel and Sarah Sanford as a domestic.  It would appear that the families knew one another because the Sanfords were living next to the Partricks in 1850.

Georgianna married my second great-grandfather, Edwin Lafayette Beers, around 1873, based on the age of their oldest child.  She would have been around 15 years old which is quite young.  I have not found a marriage record for them with an exact date.  In 1880 they were living in Weston, Connecticut and had a second son, Eugene Lafayette who was born in 1876.  However, their oldest son, Edwin, was living with his grandparents -- Edwin and Abigail Beers.  Sometime between 1882 and 1890 Edwin and Georgianna divorced.  Edwin going on to marry Ella Nichols Crofut in 1894, and Georgianna marrying Horace O. Banks in 1890.

By 1900 Georgianna and Horace were living in Redding, Connecticut and had three children of their own.  In 1910 they were living on Ridgebury Road in Ridgefield, Connecticut with their youngest child, Jesse.  By 1920, Georgianna was living on the road running from Ridgebury to Danbury Road in Ridgefield.  Horace, a Civil War veteran, spent about 6 1/2 months in 1920 living in a national home for disabled veterans in Kennebec, Maine. When Georgianna died July 20, 1927 she was living in the Ridgebury section of Ridgefield.  She is buried in Ridgefield although I have not yet located the exact cemetery.

Children of Georgianna Partrick and Edwin Lafayette Beers:

  • Edwin Beers, born ca 1874; living with his grandparents, Edwin and Abigail Beers, in 1880.
  • Eugene Lafayette Beers, born 11 August 1876, Weston, Connecticut; married Maud Artemesia Williams, 25 December 1897, Weston, Connecticut; died 21 October 1944, Cross River, New York
  • Ernest E. Beers, born 1882, Weston, Connecticut; died from typhoid fever on 23 November 1899 in Redding, Connecticut.

Children of Georgianna Partrick and Horace O. Banks:

  • Eva May Banks, born January, 1891, Connecticut; married Theodore Reynolds, 1913; died February 1968, Pinellas, Florida.
  • Clifford Banks, born December 23, 1892, Danbury, Connecticut; married Alice B. Slocum; died 1948.
  • Jesse Banks, born July, 1896, Connecticut.

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Edwin Beers and Abigail Mead Beers

Edwin Beers, my third great-grandfather, was born May 23, 1825 in Weston, Fairfield County, Connecticut to Anson Beers and Mary Ann Weeks. He married Abigail Mead (born to Joshua and Matilda Mead on February 14, 1828 in Weston) on June 13, 1848.  They were married in Weston by Reverend Lewis Pennell, Minister of the Gospel.  In the Town marriage index the date of their marriage is reported as June 12, 1848.  However, the Birth Marriage Death 1848-1867 book in the Weston Town Hall lists their marriage date as June 13.  Their marriage record calls the marriage his second, her first.  I have not found another wife for Edwin.

Edwin was listed as a shoemaker at the time of his marriage and a boot maker in 1860.  By 1870 he was listed in the census as a farmer in Weston.  Edwin was a long time member of the Congregational Church according to his obituary.  He gradually lost his sight during the last ten years of his life and was almost totally blind during his last two years according to his obituary.

Edwin and Abigail both died in Weston in 1891 about three weeks apart.  Edwin died September 25 and Abigail died October 16.  Abigail's gravestone reads October 15, 1891, but her death record reads October 16, 1891.  They are buried at Coley Cemetery in Weston.

Children of Edwin and Abigail (Mead) Beers:

  • Antoinette Beers, born 1849, Weston; married Ambrose Lockwood, November 18, 1865, Weston.
  • Edwin Lafayette Beers, born February 19, 1850, Weston; married Georgianna Partrick, ca 1873; married Ella Nichols Crofut, April 19, 1894, Norwalk, Connecticut; died July 29, 1919, Norwalk.
  • Agnes Irene Beers, born February 3, 1854, Weston; married Charles O. Middlebrook, November 10, 1872, Weston; died May 8, 1926, Norwalk.
  • Caroline Beers, born May 3, 1856, Weston; married Samuel Flower Middlebrook (brother of Charles), May 26, 1877; died November 10, 1895, Wilton, Connecticut.
  • Clarence O. Beers, born August 23, 1860; died January 22, 1892, Weston.
  • Helen Beers, born 1863, Weston.
  • Alva Beers, born 1869.

Edwin Beers
Abigail Mead Beers

Monday, March 2, 2015

Henry Karns (1831 - 1896)

Henry Karns, my great-great-grandfather, was born February 22, 1831 in Ligonier, Westmoreland, Pennsylvania to Henry and Christina (Kuhns) Karns.  He was a farmer in Ligonier, Pennsylvania for most of his adult life.  He was a Lutheran who had his children baptized in the Saint James Lutheran Church in Ligonier where he served as a deacon.

Henry married Matilda Ann Ambrose on October 21, 1852.  According to his obituary in the Ligonier Echo, he died "after a lingering illness of stomach trouble" on July 11, 1896.  His will was filed and probated on July 16, 1896.  His son, Ambrose M. Karns, was executor.  Witnesses were Harrison H. Galbreath, my great-great-uncle, and Harry B. Albright.

He is buried in Ligonier Valley Cemetery.

Children of Henry Karns and Matilda Ann (Ambrose) Karns:

  • William Henry Karns, born February 19, 1854; died December 15, 1876.
  • Christina Lucinda Karns, born September 18, 1855, Ligonier, Pennsylvania; married Adam Mitchell, 1876, Anthony Nicely, 1910; died April 11, 1935, Ligonier, Pennsylvania.
  • Sarah Karns, born August 7, 1860, Ligonier, Pennsylvania; married William H. Ferry, September 20, 1877, Ligonier; died February 11, 1919.
  • Ambrose Miller Karns, born November 13, 1868, Ligonier, Pennsylvania; married Annetta Noel, February 21, 1888, died August 2, 1932, Vernon, Pennsylvania.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Edwin Lafayette Beers (1850 - 1919)

Edwin Lafayette Beers, my great-great-grandfather, was born on February 19, 1850 in Weston, Connecticut to Edwin and Abigail (Mead) Beers.  In 1870 he lived with Gershom and Samantha Hill and worked as a laborer in Redding, Connecticut.

Edwin married my great-great-grandmother, Georgianna Partrick, about 1873 based on the age of their oldest child, Edwin.  They are listed as living together in Weston in the 1880 census with their son Eugene.  They eventually had one more son, Ernest, in 1882.  It appears that they divorced sometime between 1882 and 1890.  Ernest was born in 1882, and in the 1900 census Edwin is listed as having been married to Ella (Crofut) Beers for 6 years while Georgianna is listed as having been married to Horace Banks for 10 years.  Edwin had another son with Ella, Clarence Oscar Beers.

Edwin was a farmer and lived in Weston most of his life.  When he died at the age of 69, he and Ella were living at 6 Hanford Place in Norwalk, Connecticut.  He died from a cerebral hemorrhage on July 29, 1919 at Norwalk Hospital in Norwalk, Connecticut.  He was buried at Norfield Cemetery (now known as Coley Cemetery) in Weston.

Children of Edwin Lafayette Beers and Georgianna Partrick:

  • Edwin Beers, born ca 1874; living with his grandparents, Edwin and Abigail Beers, in 1880.
  • Eugene Lafayette Beers, born 11 August 1876, Weston, Connecticut; married Maud Artemesia Williams, 25 December 1897, Weston, Connecticut; died 21 October 1944, Cross River, New York
  • Ernest E. Beers, born 1882, Weston, Connecticut; died from typhoid fever on 23 November 1899 in Redding, Connecticut.

Children of Edwin Lafayette Beers and Ella Nichols Crofut:

  • Clarence Oscar Beers, born 27 Jan 1897, Norwalk, Connecticut; married Bessie, before 1930; died 14 August 1957, Norwalk, Connecticut

Friday, February 13, 2015

Civil War Service

In June, 2014 I wrote a posting about Polly Bennett and Zadok Williams, my fourth great-grandparents.    In it I mentioned that they had two sons, Sylvester and William, who served in the Civil War.   Just today, I discovered that all three of their sons, Sylvester, William and Hawley, had served.

While researching in the wonderful genealogy department of the Indian River County Library in Vero Beach, Florida I found the book Record of service of Connecticut men in the Army and Navy of the United States during the War of the Rebellion compiled by authority of the General Assembly, under direction of the Adjutants-General, Stephen R. Smith… (et al.)  It was in this book that I found details of the military service of my third great-grandfather, William Williams, and his two brothers, Sylvester and Hawley.

Private William Williams, a resident of Weston, Connecticut, enlisted in the 17th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry, Company E on August 6, 1862, mustered in on August 28, 1862, and had a disability discharge on January 1, 1863.

Private Sylvester Williams, a resident of Ridgefield, Connecticut, enlisted in the 17th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry, Company G on August 12, 1862 and mustered in on August 28, 1862. He was wounded and captured May 2, 1863 in Chancellorsville, Virginia then paroled May 15, 1863.  He mustered out July 19, 1865.

Private Hawley Williams, a resident of Ridgefield, Connecticut, enlisted in the 8th Regiment, Connecticut Infantry on September 14, 1861 and mustered in on September 23, 1861. His entry states he re-enlisted as a veteran on December 24, 1863, was captured May 16, 1864 in Fort Darling, Virginia and then paroled in August.

I wanted to give proper credit to these three brothers for their military service.

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Margaret Griffith Hanlin (1804 - 1884)

My great-great-grandmother, Margaret Griffith, was born in 1804, probably in St. Clair, Bedford County, Pennsylvania.  She was the daughter of Thomas Griffith and Rebecca Jane Blackburn.

Based on the age of their oldest child, it seems that Margaret married James Hanlin around 1822.  Margaret and James were living in Jenner, Somerset County, Pennsylvania in 1840 according to the US census.  James died there in 1842.

In 1850, Margaret was still living in Jenner with her sons, John, Jesse, James, Joseph and Levi, and her daughters, Rebecca and Eliza.  There is a Mary A. Hanlin, age 3/12, listed with the family on the census.  I have not identified how that person is related to Margaret.  Margaret owned real estate valued at $4,000.  Her sons, John and Jesse, were farmers.

In 1880, Margaret was living in Jenner with her unmarried son, Joseph.  They lived near Margaret's other son, Levi who is my great-grandfather.  Margaret died in 1884.  When her estate was probated in 1885 her oldest son, John, renounced his right to act as administrator of her estate and appointed James Stufft.  James was Margaret's grandson, son of Rebecca Hanlin Stufft and Jacob Stufft.

Monday, January 19, 2015

James Hanlin (1798 - 1842)

My great-great-grandfather, James Hanlin, was born December 24, 1798 based on the calculation of his birthdate from the information on his gravestone.  He was (probably) born in Somerset County, Pennsylvania to Alexander Hanlin who emigrated from Ireland.  I have not found his mother's name.

James married Margaret Griffith, daughter of Thomas Griffith and Rebecca Jane Blackburn, around 1822 based on the age of his oldest child, John.  James and Margaret had ten children.  Their youngest, Levi, was my great-grandfather. In 1840 they were living in Jenner, Somerset County, Pennsylvania where James died on May 15, 1842 at the age of 43.  Margaret survived him and died in 1884.  James' estate record names his children John Hanlin, Mary Ann Reed, Rebecca Stufft, Eliza Boyles, Jesse Hanlin, James Hanlin, Joseph Hanlin and Levi Hanlin.

James is buried in the Jenner Township Baptist Church Cemetery.

Children of James and Margaret (Griffith) Hanlin:

John Hanlin                   1823 - 1901
Mary Ann Hanlin     ca 1824 - 1903
Rebecca Hanlin            1825  -   ??
Elizabeth Hanlin           1829  -   ??
Jesse Hanlin             ca 1830  - 1893
William Hanlin             1832 - 1834
Abner Hanlin                1834 - 1839
James Hanlin                1837 - 1898
Joseph Hanlin               1839 - 1885
Levi Hanlin                   1841 - 1913

Monday, January 12, 2015

Joseph Monroe (1757 - 1824)

Joseph Monroe was born in 1757 in Ridgefield, Fairfield County, Connecticut.  He was the son of William Monroe and Eunice Dean.  He married Rebecca _____.  I am descended from their daughter, Sarah, who was born circa 1793 and married Charles Ohara Middlebrook.

My fifth great-grandfather, Joseph, served as a Private in the Revolutionary War in the 7th Regiment, Connecticut Line under Captain Lemuel Cliff and Colonel Herman Swift.

Joseph died on March 24, 1824 at the age of 67 in Ridgefield.  He was buried there on March 26, 1824.