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Eugene Lafayette Beers and Maud Artemesia Williams

Eugene Beers and Maud (Williams) Beers are my great-grandparents on my father's side.

Eugene Lafayette Beers was born on August 11, 1876 in Weston, Fairfield, Connecticut to Edwin Lafayette Beers and Georgianna (Partrick) Beers.  In the Weston section of the August 2, 1895 issue of the Ridgefield Press he is found in a local notice,  "Eugene Beers, of Redding, visited his father, E. L. Beers, on Sunday."  On that same day Maud Williams' aunt, Emma (Williams) Lester, died suddenly in the evening after spending the day with her mother in Weston.

The Beers and Williams families already were connected before Eugene and Maud were married on December 25, 1897 in Weston by an ordained elder of the Congregational Church.  Maud's grandmother and Eugene's grandfather were half-siblings; their father was Anson Beers.  If I have done the calculation correctly,  Maud and Eugene were second cousins.

After they were married in 1897 Eugene and Maud lived in Weston where they rented a home.  In the 1900 census Eugene is listed as working as a moulder in an iron factory.  Maud's brother and grandmother were living with them and their daughter Elsie Maud (my grandmother) had been born.

By 1910 Eugene and Maud had 3 daughters, Elsie, Gertrude and Blanche, and a son, Ernest living with them in Weston.  Maud's brother was married and living with his wife in Weston.  Maud's grandmother is not listed as living with Maud in 1910 but I have not found her in any other households so perhaps she was still living with Maud and Eugene.

In the 1917 State of Connecticut Military Census Eugene, then 40 years old, reported that he had "muscular rheumatism", now known as fibromyalgia.  He was working as a farmer.  In his 1918 World War I draft registration card he indicates that he has blue eyes, brown hair, and is 5' 6" tall.  By then he was working at New Rochelle Coal and Lumber Company in New Rochelle, New York.

In 1920, according to the census, Eugene and Maud were still renting a home in Weston where they lived with their daughters, Gertrude and Blanche, and their three sons, Ernest, Clarence, and Earle.  Maud's grandmother is once again listed as living with them.  Eugene was working for a sawmill.

In 1930 the family was living in a rented home on Valley Forge Road in Weston.  Maud's sister, Eva, and her husband were neighbors.  Maud's grandmother had passed away in 1921.  The remaining children at home were Blanche, Eleanor, Clarence, and Earle. Eugene was a carpenter doing odd jobs.

By 1935, Eugene and Maud were living in a house that they owned in Cross River, Westchester, New York, probably on Mark Mead Road.  In 1940 Eugene was working as a laborer on a farm.  Their children Blanche, Earle, and Eleanor lived with them.  Earle was working as a gas station attendant.

Eugene died October 21, 1944.  Maud died about ten years later on February 1, 1954.  They are buried in Norfield Cemetery in Weston (also known as Coley Cemetery).

Children of Eugene Lafayette Beers and Maud Artemesia Williams:

   i.  Elsie Maude Beers, b. 1 Dec 1898, Weston,  d. 17 June 1968, Mount Kisco,
         Westchester, NY;  m. 5 May 1917 at Weston, Robert Smith Pinchbeck,
         son of William and Harriet (Shirt) Pinchbeck
  ii.  Gertrude Ethel Beers, b. 31 Aug 1902, Weston, d. Sep 1975, White Plains,
         Westchester, NY
 iii.  Blanche Bella Beers, b. 10 Jul 1905, Weston, d. 15 Sep 1987, Mount Vernon,
          Westchester, NY
iiii.  Ernest Frank Eugene Beers, b. 15 Mar 1908, Weston, d. ca. 1930, White Plains,
 iv.  Clarence Raymond Beers, b. 18 Oct 1911, Weston, d. 11 Nov. 1987
  v.  Earle Marvin Beers, b. 27 Sep 1917, Weston, d. 17 Aug 1982, Florida
 vi.  Lucy Eleanor Beers, b. 7 Oct. 1922, Weston

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