Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Richard Platt (1603 - 1684)

My 11th great-grandfather, Richard Platt, was baptized on May 6 1604 in Ware, Hertfordshire, England.  He was a son of George and Mary Platt.  Like his father, Richard was a tailor.

Richard sailed from London to Boston, arriving in June 1637, with a group from Hertfordshire headed by Reverend Peter Prudden.  Richard's wife, Mary (Wood), and his four children at the time, Mary, John, Isaac, and Sarah, accompanied him.  By 1638 he owned several acres of land on the south side of Chapel Street near College Street in New Haven where his property adjoined that of Peter Prudden. Under the leadership of Rev. Prudden a group of 66 men formed a church society that settled in Milford.  Richard Platt was part of that group, and he was one of Milford's first settlers in 1639.  He is honored as a founder at the Memorial Bridge in Milford.

By 1641 Richard owned house lot #38 that included four acres, one rod of land.  That lot is located on the corner of present day Cherry and West Main Streets.  Richard was chosen a deacon of the first Milford Church in 1669.

Richard and Mary had another four children after settling in Milford -- Epenetus, Hannah (my tenth great-grandmother), Josiah, and Joseph.  Richard was buried in 1684 in Milford.  He signed a will on August 4, 1683, and his estate was inventoried February 13, 1684/5.  His burial place is not known.

Today I took a drive to Milford to see the Memorial Bridge over the Wepawaug River, built in 1889, that has the memorial stone honoring Richard and Mary Platt.  I also saw the location of his house lot.

A view looking south from the Memorial Bridge.

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  1. I stumbled on to this wonderful piece through Google search. Richard Platt was a direct descendant of mine back 12 generations. The Platt name seemed to be important in our family. My great, great Grandfather's name was Platt Hull Hastings.
    I'm grateful for this piece of history of my family,
    Wayne Hastings