Thursday, June 19, 2014

Polly Bennett and Zadok Williams

Polly Bennett and Zadok Williams are my fourth great-grandparents.  They had three sons -- Sylvester, William, and Hawley.  I have found records of two of their sons - Sylvester and William - serving in the Civil War.  The family lived in Ridgefield, Connecticut in the 1800s where Zadok was a farmer.  The details of Zadok’s life require more research.  I have not found the exact date of his birth or his death, and I don’t know the names of his parents.  It does appear that he died before Polly because in the 1850 US census she and Hawley were living in Wilton in the household of Samuel Middlebrook.  Polly does not appear in any census records with Zadok from 1850 on.

Happily, there is more information about Polly including her ancestry that includes the Bennett, Osborn, Morehouse, Keeler, and Whitney families in Ridgefield.  Polly was born in 1804 in Ridgefield, to Josiah and Rachel (Osborn) Bennett.  She was about 29 when Sylvester was born in 1833.  Son, William, was born January 21, 1835 and son, Hawley was born in 1844.  By 1870 she was living with her son, William and his wife, Abigail (Beers) in Weston.  The last record I have found her in is the 1880 census where at 76, marital status “widow”, she was still living with William and Abigail. 

It must have been a difficult life for Polly.  It seems her husband died when their sons were still young and two of those sons went on to serve in the Civil War.  I'm still trying to locate her date of death and where she was buried.  

I am descended from Polly and Zadok through their son William.


   Coley Cemetery
William Williams

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  1. An update. Polly and Zadok had a fourth son, Sidney Williams, born July 6, 1840 in Ridgefield, Connecticut; died September 6, 1914 in Upton, Massachusetts.
    Still looking for information on Zadok.