Thursday, February 13, 2014

The Ferry Women

My grandmother, Mary (Ferry) Hanlin, is the woman sitting on the left arm of the bench.  I have not been able to identify the other women in this undated photo, but I believe they include her sisters and other members of the Ferry family.

Any cousins who might have a copy of this photo and/or can identify the other women, I'd love to hear from you.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

When Harrison met Mary

My grandparents, Harrison and Mary (Ferry) Hanlin, married in 1906 in Ligonier, Pennsylvania.  Ligonier was where my grandmother grew up.  My grandfather was raised in the town of Jenner in neighboring Somerset County about 16 miles away. While I have no family story as to how they met, I do have some thoughts on how it might have happened.

Harrison's mother, Rebecca Galbreath, was raised in Ligonier.  Her brother, Harrison, was a life long resident of Ligonier.  My grandfather's sister, Hulda, went to live with and kept house for Uncle Harrison from about 1900 until her death in 1925.  Since the Ferrys and the Galbreaths were residents of Ligonier during the same period of time, could Harrison have met Mary while visiting his uncle and sister in Ligonier?  Hulda was about 10 years older than Mary, so they would not have been friends at the time but surely the families knew one another from church or as neighbors.  I'd like to find more clues to show how the families were interconnected.

If any cousins reading this have some background, feel free to leave a comment.