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Update on Great-Great-Grandfather Frank E. Williams

Previously I wrote a post on Frank Williams and Belle Middlebrook, my great-great-grandparents.  At the time that I wrote that post I did not know what had happened to Frank after Belle died in 1887.  Today, almost two years later to the day, I have pieced together a partial answer.

After Belle Williams died, Frank married Alma May Sartwell in Norwalk, Connecticut on July 20, 1889.  Some time between their marriage date and 1897 they moved to Derby, Connecticut.  Frank continued working as a moulder (his occupation when he lived in Weston, Connecticut) and according to the Seymour City Directory was working for the Seymour Iron Foundry in nearby Seymour, Connecticut in 1899.

Frank and Alma Sartwell Williams had at least three children together. Given the gap between the second and third child, I suspect there may have been other children:

  • Grace L. Williams, born July 3, 1893 at Norwalk, Connecticut
  • Emma Williams, born 1895 at Connecticut
  • Edna May Williams, born May 18, 1904 at Derby, Connecticut
Frank Eugene Williams died August 7, 1910 at Middletown, Connecticut at the age of 51.  Alma May Sartwell Williams died August 3, 1946 at the age of 79. Both of them are buried in Oak Cliff Cemetery in Derby, Connecticut. 

Some questions are still unanswered.  I'd like to know who raised Frank and Belle's three young children, Maud, Eva and Clifford, after Belle died and before they married.  Did they continue to live with Frank or did they go to live with grandparents or other relatives? Maud, my great-grandmother married in 1897 at the age of  18.  Eva married in 1899 at the age of 16.  Clifford was living with his sister Maud and Maud's family in 1900 when he was 15.  

Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Reuben Taylor and Eunice Couch

Reuben Taylor and Eunice Couch Taylor are my seventh great-grandparents.

Reuben, born November 21, 1703 in Norwalk, Connecticut, is the son of John and Wait (Clapp) Taylor.  

Eunice, the daughter of Samuel and Edrea (Hurlbut) Couch was baptized March 2, 1706 in Fairfield, Connecticut. She is named in the will of Samuel as his daughter Eunice, wife of Reuben Taylor.

Reuben died in 1752 in Norwalk, Connecticut where his will was probated in the same year. 

Children of Reuben and Eunice (Couch) Taylor::
  • Reuben Taylor
  • Mary Taylor, b. December 3, 1731, d. September 11, 1807
  • Samuel Taylor, b. 1734, d. January 27, 1805
  • Eunice Taylor
  • Abigail Taylor
  • Thaddeus Taylor
  • Preserved Taylor, b. 1738, d. January 20, 1822
  • Martha Taylor
  • Betty Taylor
  • William Taylor
  • Adrea Taylor
  • Esther Taylor
Source: Jacobus, Donald Lines, compiler and editor, History and Genealogy of the Families of Old Fairfield: For the Eunice Dennie Burr Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution Fairfield Connecticut. New Haven, CT: The Tuttle, Morehouse & Taylor Co., 1930, Vol. II, part 2, p. 946-947.

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Preserved Taylor and Ruth Hanford

Preserved Taylor and Ruth Hanford Taylor are my sixth great-grandparents. They were married September 10, 1764 in Redding, Connecticut.

 Preserved, born 1738, is the son of Reuben and Eunice (Couch) Taylor.  He is named as a son in the estate papers of Reuben Taylor.  Preserved served as a Sargeant in Lieut. Colonel James Smedley's Company in Colonel Nathan Whiting's Second Regiment during the French and Indian War.  He enlisted March 19, 1762 and was discharged November 30 of the same year.

Ruth, born 1743, is the daughter of Samuel and Dinah (Comstock) Hanford. She is named in the will of Moses Comstock as the daughter of his late daughter Dinah Hanford.

Ruth pre-deceased Preserved on February 6, 1813 in Redding, Connecticut.  Preserved died January 20, 1822 in Redding and his estate was settled in the Danbury Probate District in 1822.  Both Ruth and Preserved are buried in Lower Starrs Plain Cemetery in Danbury, Connecticut. A photograph of Ruth's gravestone can be seen here on Find A Grave.

Children of Preserved and Ruth (Hanford) Taylor:
  • Abraham Taylor, b. January 2, 1765, d. 1813
  • Preserved Taylor, b. 1766, d. May 9, 1847
  • Ruth Taylor, b. 1767, d. October 5, 1774
  • Hannah Taylor, b. December 21, 1769, d. October 5, 1774
  • Rhoda Taylor, b. February 7, 1772
  • Eunice Taylor, b. July 22, 1773
  • Ruth Taylor, b. January 19, 1776, d. August 19, 1849
  • Hannah Taylor, b. January 28, 1779, 
  • Adah Taylor, b. May 6, 1781, d. April 2, 1812
  • Zillah Taylor, b. July 7, 1783, d. February 8, 1872
  • Lydia Taylor, b. December 4, 1785

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Monday, July 4, 2016

John Bates and Esther Banks

John Bates and Esther Banks Bates are my sixth great-grandparents. They were married June 11, 1752 in Fairfield County, Connecticut.

 In the record of their marriage in the Barbour Collection, John is named as a son of Nicholas Bates, and the father of Esther Banks is named as Thomas Banks.  John Bates is named as a son in the 1741 will of Nicholas Bates of Danbury, Connecticut.

John pre-deceased Esther in 1778 in Redding, Connecticut.  He left a will naming his 8 children living at the time.  Esther died in Redding in 1780 with her estate being probated March 20, 1780.

Children of John and Esther (Banks) Bates:

  • Ezra Bates, b. July 20, 1753, d. March 15, 1754
  • Mary Bates, b. March 14, 1755, m. John Pickett
  • Ruth Bates, b. 1757, m. Enos Lee, Jr.
  • Ezra Bates, b. March 11, 1760, d. May 7, 1835
  • John Bates, b. July 25, 1762
  • Sarah Bates, b. ca 1765
  • Esther Bates
  • Nathan Bates, b. January 14, 1772, d. June 25, 1855
  • Aaron Bates, b. 1772

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Nathan Bates and Ruth Taylor

Nathan Bates and Ruth Taylor are my fifth great-grandparents.

Nathan Bates was born January 14, 1772 in Redding, Connecticut to John and Esther (Banks) Bates.  Nathan is named in his father's will of June 29, 1778.  I have calculated Nathan's date of birth from the information on his gravestone which gives his date of death as June 25, 1855, age 83 years, 5 month, 11 days.  According to Commemorative Biographical Record of Fairfield County, Connecticut, Nathan was a carpenter.  

Ruth Taylor was born January 19, 1776 in Redding to Preserved and Ruth (Hanford) Taylor. Ruth is mentioned in her father's probate papers as the wife of Nathan Bates.  She inherited property in the Picketts Ridge section of Redding from the estate of her father.  I have calculated Ruth's date of birth from the information on her gravestone which gives her date of death as August 19, 1849, age 73 years, 7 months.

Nathan and Ruth had seven children, two girls and five boys, after marrying about 1794.  Although they owned property in Redding, they are found in the U.S. census records in Danbury from 1800 through 1840.  After Ruth died in 1849, Nathan is found still in Danbury living with his grandson Burr Partrick and Burr's family.  (Burr's mother, Clarissa, is my fourth great-grandmother.) The neighboring families in the 1850 census are the same as those in the 1840 census, so it seems that Burr was living on what was Nathan's property. I have not checked land records in Danbury to see what happened to that tract of land.

Nathan and Ruth Bates are buried in Lower Starrs Plain Cemetery in Danbury. Photos of their graves can be seen on Find A Grave -- Nathan here and Ruth here.

Children of Nathan and Ruth (Taylor) Bates:
  • Hanford Bates, b. 7 May 1795, d. 7 March 1867
  • Clarissa Bates, b. 11 January 1799, d. 26 April 1860
  • Alson Bates, b. 24 January 1802, d. 9 June 1882
  • Stephen Bates, b. 25 May 1810, d. 28 January 1890
  • Lydia Bates, b. 5 November 1814, d. 3 May 1865
  • George Bates
  • Taylor Bates, b. 30 March 1816, d. 19 July 1895
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Sunday, May 1, 2016

Halsey Partrick and Phoebe Lockwood

Halsey Partrick, my fifth great-grandfather, was born about 1767 in Norwalk, Connecticut to Stephen and Ellen Nash Partrick.  He married Phoebe Lockwood on September 8, 1791 at Greens Farm Church in Westport, Connecticut. Phoebe Lockwood was the daughter of Gershom and Martha Allen Lockwood. She was baptized on May 23, 1773 at Greens Farm Church.

Halsey and Phoebe lived in Wilton, Connecticut during their married life.  In 1814 Halsey bought property located on Chicken Street in Wilton from his brother Jared who moved to Otsego County, New York.

Phoebe died on July 16, 1842.  In the 1850 U.S. census Halsey is listed living with his daughter Mary Ann Jennings and her family. Halsey died on October 22, 1853 in Wilton.  Phoebe and Halsey are buried at Batterson Cemetery in Wilton.

Children of Halsey and Phoebe Lockwood Partrick:

  • Seymour Partrick; b. ca 1793; d. September 18, 1859
  • Zillah Partrick; b. ca 1794; d. November 7, 1843; m. Justus Sherwood
  • Fanny Partrick; b. 1797; m. Ira Bates
  • Silas Partrick; b. September 20, 1799; d. October 20, 1880; m. Clarissa Bates (my 4th great-grandfather)
  • Bradford Partrick; b. 1805; m. Nancy Allen
  • Noah Partrick; b. 1806; d. November 14, 1868; m1 Eliza Ann Williams; m2 Lucy Williams
  • Mary Ann Partrick; b. December 5, 1810; d. March 17, 1883; m. Orrin Jennings
  • George Partrick; b. 1811; d. November 8, 1869; m. Frances Jennings
  • William Edgar Partrick; b. ca 1813; d. February 12, 1913; m. Mary Northrup
  • Charles Partrick; b. October 31, 1815; d. February 26, 1895; m1 Harriet Amelia Van Hoosear, m2 Susan Hoyt
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Obadiah Lee and Rebecca Austin

My fifth great-grandparents Obadiah Lee and Rebecca Austin Lee were born in New York State in the 1700s.  According to his record in the 1850 U.S. census Obadiah was 81 years old making his year of birth about 1769.  Rebecca was born in 1775/6 according to the transcription of the information on her gravestone.  I have not been able to locate parents for either of them.  Any cousins reading this posting who have information on the parents that they would like to share, please get in touch.

Based on the date of birth of their oldest child Robert, I estimate that they were married about 1792, probably in New York State.  During their married life they lived in present day Kent, Putnam County until their deaths according to the 1800 to 1850 U.S. census records.  In the 1800, 1810 and 1820 census a Joseph Lee lived near them.

At some point after Rebecca died on February 6, 1843 Obadiah lived in the household of his daughter
Ruth who was then married to Harvey Mead.  Obadiah was listed as blind in the 1850 census and died May 9, 1855 in Kent.  I have not found a record of where Obadiah is buried.  Rebecca is buried at Leetown Community Ground Cemetery in East Fishkill, Dutchess County.  I went to the cemetery to try to photograph her gravestone and perhaps find Obadiah's but was unable to locate either site because of the overgrowth at the cemetery.

Obadiah's will of June 10, 1850 listed his children.

Children of Obadiah and Rebecca Austin Lee:

  • Robert T. Lee; b. 28 October 1793; d. 19 September 1858; m. Dena Knapp
  • Rachel Lee; ca 1799; m. Leeman Sturtevant
  • Thomas Lee; b. 10 September 1802; d. 30 March 1888; m. Esther Mead
  • Joseph Lee; b. ca 1804; d. 6 July 1842; m. Temperance
  • Sairy Lee; b. ca 1807; m. Williams Hicks
  • Milly Lee; b. 9 Feb 1810; d. 17 August 1865; m. Harris Smalley
  • Julia Ann Lee; b. ca 1812; d. 17 June 1887, Weston, CT; m. Lorenzo Dow Olmstead (my 4th great-grandmother)
  • Ruth Lee; b. 1814; d. 14 January 1893; m. Harvey Mead

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